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How to say Hello in Switzerland

How to say Hello in Switzerland

There are four official languages in Switzerland, so you can say hello in German, French, Italian and Romansh (also called or Raetoromanisch). It is considered polite when you look into someone’s eyes and wish them with a smile.

In German: Say “Grüezi” to greet one person, or “Grüezi Mitenand” to greet two or more people.

In French: “Bonjour”

In Italian: “Buongiorno” during the day and “Buonasera” in the evening

In Romansh: “Bun di” for good morning. Pronounced as “boon dee”

“Buna saira” for good afternoon or good evening. Pronounced as “boon-a serra”.


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Maria de Conceicao

Maria de Conceicao moved to Switzerland to work for a Radio Station in Zurich as a copywriter. In India, she worked as an English Editor. Maria now calls Switzerland home. Between mothering and life, she works as a freelance Copy Editor. She is currently pursuing her two passions, cooking and photography.


  1. soja Simon

    Maria…nice and crisp explanation…try to know more in simple way….All the best ..good effort…Soja Simon

    • admin guest

      Thank you so much! Hope you keep visiting for more such articles!

  2. Maria de Conceicao

    Aunty Soja, thank you for your kind words, encouragement and support.


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