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Imaginative art with Fingerprints

Imaginative art with Fingerprints

Finger painting is a fun and easy way to introduce your child to painting.

This simple craft is a great way to let your child’s imagination take flight. Suitable for children from 3 years onwards, it helps encourage creativity and doesn’t require much supervision. All you need is some safe non-toxic paint, few brushes, a marker and loads of imagination.

Here are some simple and fun ideas to create some colorful, fun and sometimes really artsy pieces of work, which are extremely easy to create, even for a little artist. 

A beautiful nature scene using thumbprints for painting in trees.

Painting nature scenery with thumbprints


We can make lovely cards by printing colorful dots inside hand-drawn shapes such as hearts below.Painting hearts with thumbprints


You can make homemade cards for all occasions by making thumb impressions inside interesting silhouettes or sketches; make frame-worthy memorabilia (eg. Colorful handprints of you and your child every year).

Colorful handprint painting


Have some fun by drawing around the dried thumbprints!Painting flowers with thumbprints


Create funny characters, animals, birds, monsters and more. Painting birds and butterflies with thumbprints



  1. Children need very little guidance for this project once they grasp the idea. Avoid step-by-step instruction and let their imagination take over.
  2. Encourage creating characters and storytelling by drawing interesting characters on dried thumbprints and giving them expressions.
  3. Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book is a wonderful resource for older children. 

About The Author


Sharanya Mageshwaran is a freelance illustrator who loves painting and sketching with fauvist expressionist abstract themes.
More of her artwork can be seen on her blog,

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