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Easter Egg Display

Brighten up your living room with an Easter-themed display which takes little effort and time, and puts you right in the mood for the season of spring!
Easter symbolises rebirth and as this is also the season of spring, what could be more representative of new life than the egg? For this spring season as we celebrate the awakening of nature, as blooms come alive with the promise of sunnier days ahead, here is an easy DIY for you to make. One that celebrates the humble egg!

Growing up, Easter rituals were centred around the customs of ‘Holy Week’, the week before Easter. During this week, it was common to fast and eat in moderation for the 40 days of lent (a period of abstinence from over-indulgence) culminating in Good Friday, which is generally observed as a day of fasting. As kids, we used to eagerly look forward to Easter and couldn’t wait for the Easter feast to begin. Of course, the pent-up longings for meat and other goodies had built up for so long that the only thing on my mind when Easter dawned was the food!

And so, I was very intrigued, when in later years, I began to notice the more ‘modern’ trend of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies popping up in some stores and bakeries in India. I didn’t know back then that Easter bunnies and eggs were a German tradition, which had found its way to American shores through German settlers and went on to became popular symbols of Easter celebrations world-over.

And so, in the spirit of Easter, I made these paper eggs, inspired by Swedish paper eggs (known as Pappersägg) which are quite popular as seasonal decor in Sweden. I strung them on some dried twigs, taking a little help from my three-year-old who wanted to assist me, and now they make the perfect little statement in our living room!


Materials Needed:

  • Assorted sheets of patterned craft paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stapler
  • Ribbon or thread
  • 1 sturdy vase
  • Dried beans (kidney beans or any other beans commonly found in the pantry)
  • A few dried twigs
  • Plastic eggs for home décor (optional)


  1. Start by cutting out egg-shaped rounds from the sheets of coloured paper
    Cut the sheets into egg-shaped pieces   

  2. Gather five cut-out pieces and staple them twice in the centre
    Gather five pieces and staple them

  3. Punch a hole through the top of the stapled paper cut-outs, then fold the paper so that it fans out from the stapled centre
    Punch and hole and fan out the paper

  4. Run the ribbon or thread through the hole and tie up the ends of the ribbon

    To Assemble:

    Fill the vase with the beans, until about ¾ full. Put the twigs into the vase and adjust their positions, until they hold steady. Now, string up the paper egg decorations along with the plastic eggs, to create a beautiful Easter-themed piece of art!
    Put sticks in a vase and string the eggs

About The Author

Shinta Simon

Shinta is a food blogger, occasional baker and compulsive chai-drinker. A former marketing professional, she moved from Bangalore to Switzerland a few years ago and is slowly yet steadily grüezi-ing her way into a new and intriguing culture. She shares her passion for food on her website, her baking adventures on her facebook page, 'Sugar Rush' and her life snippets on Instagram.

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