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Author: Parul Chhaparia

Spring into Haldigrat this season

For a pristine white experience, check out what Parul Chhaparia recommends. Spring, summer, autumn or winter – seasons are not paramount for the travellers. For them, their joy lies travelling. For some, however, travelling within Switzerland during the cold winters and chilly springs might require an extra touch of effort to persuade the brain to stop lolling and to head right out into the cold snowy white world. White is beautiful, white is serene and white is Haldigrat. Away from the prying eyes of the touristic army, Haldigrat is one of my most recent discoveries – and it is...

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The filmy affair

Bollywood has romanced the Swiss Alps for decades now. From Rajkapoor’s ‘Sangam’- the first movie to showcase Switzerland on India’s Silver Screen to the recent visit of Ranveer Singh to promote Swiss tourism – the ties between the two countries continue to dazzle the locals on both continents. The buzz around the screening of “Baahubali 2” was loud among the Indian cinephiles in Zurich. While the audience eagerly awaited their curiously over ‘who killed Kattappa’ to be put to an end, for the city theatre houses, they were pleased with growing business. “Earlier, there were only the big star...

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  • Matter-of-Fact of the week #50:

    United Provinces

    During the British Rule, United Provinces was created on 01 April 1937 (and, no it wasn’t an April fool’s joke). Thirteen years later it was renamed as Uttar Pradesh (northern province). In 2000, the northern districts of the state were separated to form a new state of Uttarakhand.

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