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Asparagus Bhajis

Each season comes with seasonal bounty. And spring inevitably brings asparagus into my kitchen and onto my chopping board. I think up new ways each year to use it in my Indian recipes. This year I’ve created this asparagus bhaji recipe, especially for Namaste Switzerland. I like to have theses bhajis with a piping hot cup of masala chai on a nippy spring day listening to the birds’ chirp. Happy cooking and experimenting in your kitchens. Ps: If you have ever wondered what is the difference between bhajis and pakoras wonder no more. They are exactly the same thing...

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Phirni with a twist of nostalgia

Phirni is a creamy rice-based dessert, which is usually made from coarsely ground basmati rice. It is traditionally served in small earthen bowls, which are used to keep the pudding cool. This recipe uses wholemeal oats instead of rice. Oats are higher in protein content, fibre, and as a slow-digesting carb, oats are also a great way to feel energised and alert. Rooh Afza is a concentrate that includes the essences of coriander, orange, pineapple, carrot, rose petals, spinach and mint. The drink is said to be the discovery of Hakim Abdul Majeed, a renowned Unani physician of herbal...

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Beat the cold with hot Ragi Pancakes

Are you looking for a dish that combines nutrition with taste? Our Guest Contributor Renuka Sankaran brings you the recipe for ragi pancakes which fits your bill. Ragi or finger millet is a well-known source of proteins and dietary fibre. It is also a rich source of calcium and iron. Ragi pancakes are simple, quick to prepare and are packed with energy and necessary nutrients. They are ideal for breakfast, mid-day snack and for your lunch box. If you want one dish that is to the liking of both kids and grown-ups, then this is it! Ingredients 1 cup...

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a 3-course meal

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Deepty Mundhra shares her recipes – a three-course meal, made with ingredients available in most Swiss supermarkets. Deepty remembers being fascinated by Valentine’s day as a teenager. After her marriage, she began celebrating this day in a very special way, and later after her children came along, the festival took on new meaning as a family celebration. The celebration may have changed over time, but one thing remained constant… the promise of a good meal on Valentine’s Day. Food has always been a passion for Deepty, and she loves to add a twist to...

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The traditional Swiss Rösti with an Indian twist

Republic day – as a child growing up in India, both Republic day and Independence day meant waking up early to watch the parade on Doordarshan, going for the flag hoisting, singing the national anthem with pride and participating in the dance and singing performances that the ladies in our colony would train us to for weeks ahead of the big day. The celebrations would finally end with a box containing a ‘motichur ladoo’, and a samosa! And at home, we would celebrate in our own little way with tricolor salad. I continued this even after moving to Switzerland...

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  • Matter-of-Fact of the week #50:

    United Provinces

    During the British Rule, United Provinces was created on 01 April 1937 (and, no it wasn’t an April fool’s joke). Thirteen years later it was renamed as Uttar Pradesh (northern province). In 2000, the northern districts of the state were separated to form a new state of Uttarakhand.

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