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Spring up with a keepsake this Easter

This Easter, get your feet painted and get started to create art that can be kept over years… as a decoration and then a memory to share with your children as they grow. Deepty Mundhra tells you how. With the onset of March, the spirit of Spring and Easter spreads the hope all around. Although the weather gods have been a bit tricky this year, ‘März’ definitely marches on in full colour. So let’s get on and create wall canvases to add a dash of colour this Spring-Summer with ‘Footprint Easter Bunnies’. Materials needed Canvas board (any size that fits...

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Out with boring weekends!

Aanya Sethi tells her mother how she kept boredom at bay and decorated her school bag with ‘happy fruits’ while mama had to work. Creative kids are independent-thinking and free-minded to do what they love doing – make sweet somethings out of little nothings. So when Aradhna stopped tapping on the keys of her keyboard, she was surprised to see a ‘How I did it’ list (in German) that Aanya was handing to her, saying, “Here you go. You have a new kids craft for Namaste Switzerland.” So – Aradhna is back to work – again – typing out...

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Mandala Magic

Bring out the artist in you by approaching art with a practical – almost mathematical twist. Smita Swamy shares a stepwise guide. ‘Mandala’ means circle in Sanskrit. It’s a symbol that denotes spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism – and it is a word that represents the universe. The art form of ‘Mandala’ is like ‘Rangoli’ – or like any other drawing that gives you satisfaction and happiness. The symmetrical designs and the combination of colours bring a visual treat, which, to me, is no less that meditation. It de-stresses the mind. Simply defined, Mandalas are usually symmetrical designs formed inside...

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Stone Art – A Memorable Keepsake

Create your own personalised Christmas decor and gifts. Deepty Mundhra tells us how. Recently, Deepty along with her 4 and 6-year-old children walked through a park in Zug and found some interesting rocks in various shapes and sizes. They took a few interesting shaped ones home and one day, Deepty decided to paint them. That’s how she came about her stone art – a simple idea of painting rocks and stones for the festive season to decorate your mantle or table, or to gift them to your loved ones. MATERIALS NEEDED: Stones – preferably the size of a paperweight...

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DIY Bookmarks with your kids, make reading more fun!

Bookmarks! We all as kids have had different kinds of bookmarks- A leaf from a tree which you picked up while playing with your friend or a cutout from a brochure or a cereal box of a character that you liked a lot or simply handmade bookmarks! And as we grew older simply the boarding pass from a recent journey ended up being the bookmark! But reading as an adult and reading with children is different and helping them take a break and continue again from where they stopped needs to be made interesting. Chetana Parameshwar- one of our...

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  • Matter-of-Fact of the week #50:

    United Provinces

    During the British Rule, United Provinces was created on 01 April 1937 (and, no it wasn’t an April fool’s joke). Thirteen years later it was renamed as Uttar Pradesh (northern province). In 2000, the northern districts of the state were separated to form a new state of Uttarakhand.

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