Kilometres of crisp, pristine snowy slopes, bright blue skies and a golden sunshine. A blend of tradition and modern, Zuoz is all this and more.

Views at Zouz

Winters and springtime see Zuoz clad in something akin to a pristine white flowing gown, decorated with silvery frozen streams. The fir trees seem to gracefully hold up weighty, yet soft and dainty snowflakes, as if bowing to the blue skies and golden sunshine, as low hanging crystals gleam and glitter off the branches.

Ski Piste at Zouz

The ski tracks (pistes) are all set to welcome the winter guests. Whether you’re a learner or a black slope specialist – Zuoz promises to cater to your needs. Replete with professional training for all age groups and all levels of downhill skiing enthusiasts, cross-country skiers and ice-skaters; the Schweizer Skischule Zuoz – La Punt ensures safety and learning in an easy and exciting way as the restaurants provide hot and nourishing local foods.

Mini area for Kids at Zouz

Summers paint the scene a lush green with gushing streams and waterfalls, hiking trails with different levels of difficulty. Mountains open out into agricultural farms and farms with cows, mountain goats, horses and sheep meandering across meadows and smaller enclosures that lie open to bright long sunny days.

Whether you chose to go for a hike and have a picnic or hike to a restaurant for a local bite, you’re sure to have built an appetite walking the lovely landscape. For golf-lovers, Zuoz provides you with a fantastic experience at its own golf course.

Walking on a sunny high at Zouz

The Zouz townThe town is walkable. Cobblestoned, winding streets flaunt palatial houses at every turn with typical paintings and etchings along walls signify wealth and tradition. This village dates back to 849 when it was known as Zuzes. Today, it is one of the best-preserved villages in Upper Engadin. The village centre is located on the slope of Munt Albanas. It’s can’t be missed – whether you’re on foot, biking or driving.

The former restaurant the Crusch Alva, Posthotel Engadina, the San Luzum church, and the village tower are worth a visit. Chaplutta S. Bastiaun (San Bastiaun chapel) and Chesa Pult, listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance, are definitely worth seeing.



Aradhna Sethi at Café badilatteNot to be missed: a coffee and delectable brownies and cakes at Cafe Badilatte which houses a coffee museum and has live instrumental music performances from 15:30 – 18:30 (in February and March).

Getting personal

My family continues to enjoy skiing and hiking at Zuoz for over seven years. The locals we come across have seen the family grow. Ever smiling, we wish each other ‘Bondi’ (good day in Romansch) before they effortlessly switch to English or German, commenting on how the kids are growing up and exchanging pleasantries.

Engadin – the region, and more specifically, Zuoz has become a second home to us where the warm and friendly residents and restaurant owners see us a “regulars” to their part of the world.

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