Spring brings with it not just festivals to welcome a turn of seasons, new beginnings and harvesting – but also a very special celebration for Team Namaste Switzerland.


Happy 2nd birthday, Namaste Switzerland!


With the support and constant encouragement from you all as our readers and interactors – Namaste Switzerland is proud to herald its third year that seems promising in terms of organic growth.

We nostalgically remember our twilight-going-into-dusk meetings, brainstorming sessions, ideas and shooting down ideas and so much more to finally launch this buzzing online platform on March 8, 2017. It was called, ‘Colour me Bright’. It’s been two years since – work is smoother, the buzz remains and the excitement continues.

Over two years, our FB followers have grown to over 1,215 and we are steadily growing our Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter presence.  And we are proud to inform you that – with all of your reader-interactions, our site records over 680,000 page views today! And the numbers are growing.

On the occasion of our second anniversary, we would like to, once again, welcome and thank our growing list of contributors, without whose efforts and diligence, making our 4-monthly production into a monthly edition would have been fairly difficult.

You read right! We will now bring you new articles every month. So if you have ideas to share or profiles who you believe are strong candidates for coverage, please do mail us at info@namasteswitzerland.ch

So this month we bring you the story of Manisha Dadlani who’s years of growing up seem fascinating and her affair with books continues to keep the romance of life going. Looking for a job in Switzerland can be daunting. In the second part of our series, there are some practical tips that can make your job hunt easier.

Beginning this month, we kickstart a monthly series with a trained yoga instructor. Get fit for summer beginning now with simple yoga videos provided by Nupur. Remember to take it easy, go slow and ensure you’re medically fit for the yoga moves.

Check out our recipe of choice – colourful idlis that are simply lip-smacking and a treat to the eyes. Some pretty clicks shot indoors are something that you could do on cloudy, windy grey days.

Our DIY experts have shared their experiences on making chemical-free soap and teaching kids the how and why of creating paper blossoms that bloom in the water.

It is also time to start spring cleaning. Check out the ways to dispose of your unwanted things off as per Swiss provisions and norms.

Spring does bring a splash of colour, be it with Holi or the joys of other Indian festivals. Our team wishes you all the best for the times ahead. Celebrate life. Celebrate in style!

Team Namaste Switzerland.

Illustration by Sharanya Mageshwaran

Disclaimer: Namaste Switzerland does not undertake any financial, reputational, legal, misrepresentational or other obligation or liability which may arise from the content of this article.