Over 800,000 views, close to 1,400 followers on social media.

A team that has grown organically from four co-founders to include another 20 contributors, who work on features and photos diligently and selflessly to make our dream come true – month after month. And lots and lots of encouraging and positive reviews… all in a span of two years and six months.


We decided to take a look at what makes ‘Namaste Switzerland’ tick. The answer is – YOU. Yes, it’s our readers and the numerous people we have covered over the years. Your content makes us! Our most-read features are included under the columns: My Story, Reflections and Reminiscences, Generation Next, and other professional Profiles. Destinations, Food and DIY seem to catch the reader’s attention too. And of our top hits, are our stories featured under the section Life in Switzerland.

So this summer, we decided to bring you ‘The Best of Namaste Switzerland’ – a selection of our popular columns, summer destinations, seasonal recipes, summer DIYs and more.

Sit back with a cool drink in hand – and read as you chill through our journey of two years – and counting!

Illustration by Sharanya Mageshwaran

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