It is finally well and truly Autumn, and as October sets in, we shift into festive gear, as Navratri, Halloween, Diwali and so much more are celebrated with joyful abandon. We are happy to add to the cheer and festive spirit with content that is sure to get you in a celebratory mood!

Anton Tönz, a Swiss-born Yoga and meditation practitioner and Carnatic music teacher, talks to Aradhna Sethi about his association with India, how he met his Indian wife, Vijaya Rao and how his family has found a balance between the Swiss and Indian cultures in their lives.

In her seventh video as part of a series of yoga ‘asanas’, Nupur Biswas takes you through the ‘Prasarita padottanasana‘ or the wide leg forward bend pose. This ‘asana’ helps in stretching your hamstrings and your inner thighs.

Vantika Singh tells us about ‘Behaviour Momentum India’, an Indian foundation that helps children on the autism spectrum to build self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.

Gayatri Muthukrishnan simplifies some facts on superbugs and how to fight them. She tells us about how antibiotics work and help our readers understand Biology and how it applies to daily life.

Banu Balaji takes us to the beautiful Seealpsee in canton Appenzell Innerrhoden through her lens. Her images are a reason enough for you to plan a weekend getaway here!

As part of our ongoing series on education in Switzerland, we did a Facebook Live session with education expert and independent consultant, Stefanie Busse-Dickinson. Take a look at the video recording of our session, for information on the local education system. The video session is accessible now on our website as well as on Facebook.

As an expat in Switzerland, picking the right insurance might seem daunting. Ritesh Sood tells our readers about the types of insurance that are recommended for expats living in Switzerland.

We have some fun festive activities and a recipe that you can make with ease at home!

Fret not, if you are unable to get your hands on marigolds during this Diwali season! Chetana Parameswar shares her idea for a festive marigold garland made out of crepe paper.

Manasa Mukka’s spooky ideas for a Halloween window are fun to try with your child at home. She tells our readers how to make spiders, bats, ghosts and more that are sure to scare away trick-or-treaters!

Shinta Simon shares an easy recipe for pumpkin halwa, that makes the most of seasonal produce and adds a beautiful burst of color to your festive table!

Wishing all our readers a joyful festive season! We would love to hear from you if you tried out our ideas. Keep sharing your images from the festive celebrations and we will feature them on our Instagram page.

Illustration by Kirti Sharma

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