After a slight delay on its part – winter is finally setting in. Although all is not white and bright yet – it’s time to sip on hot beverages, feast on festive delicacies, sit back and take stock of the year that’s on its way out. Leave behind what’s moving past, and get ready to embrace 2020 with energy and positivity.

And to set the scene, we bring you some wonderful ideas for festive decorations. Rasika shows us how to spruce up your homes this holiday season with decor that doesn’t tip the bank balance and comes straight from the heart!

Mulled wine, cookies, gingerbread and the whiff of roasted chestnuts and cinnamon spice drifting from the Christmas markets sets the mood for the festive season! Vantika Singh briefly highlights the markets and shares her top 5 favourites at the ‘Weihnachtsdorf’ at Bellevue.

Chetana tells us how to bake cookies with a difference. Check out her innovative idea for ‘stained glass’- cookies with a touch of chocolate!

Ritesh brings in some travel advice with his piece on insuring and ensuring safe holidays with the right travel insurance policies.

Sreelatha Vijayananda associated with Femme Tisch, Zug shares a few ‘good-to-know’ tips and links on health and nutrition.

Just a month away from moving into the next year, Pragati Siddhanti tells our readers how to move ahead confidently with their search for the right job.

And as a token of our gratitude, we thank WinVinaya Foundation for enabling us to bring the events of Switzerland in an easier and attractive format for our readers.

And now we take this last chance in 2019 to wish you all a happy festive season! See you all again in 2020!

lllustration by Sumana Roy Choudhury

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