We are living in a time that is making tomorrow’s history. A global shutdown to battle a virus that is playing with lives all over the world – and in its wake rocking financial markets, politics, business as we know it, systems of education, work and socialisation. Chaos, it is!

And yet, there is another side to this chaos: while we humans are locked in, Mother Nature is stepping into her beauty, taking a deep breath and showing us her glory – even if it’s for just a while. Blue skies and clear waters – just as they are supposed to be. Birds, deer, fish and more are breathing in an open and relaxed manner. Carbon footprint has fallen globally, even though ever so temporarily – the virus has bought us some time to still be able to learn and act.

The crisis is playing with us – our lifestyles and our minds.

Social media is showcasing it all – which itself is a theme that has an upside and a downside.

Through this confusing month of ‘work-home-home-work’ and then some more, we at Namaste Switzerland – have worked on to bring an interesting edition this April.

Check out how the Indo-Swiss youth, Zurich-based Rhythima Shinde and Naveen Shamsudhin, along with their trusted networks in both continents are supporting Lockdown success in India by addressing hunger – the one factor that is likely to bring the poorer sections of India back on the roads to earn a meal.

What is it to work remotely between two continents as an architect? Divya Hegde tells us her story.

Homeschooling is a big theme at present. This, along with the Work-from-home concept, is bringing professional, personal and academic lives of each of us to the same place – the residence. Shinta Simon speaks with parents to figure out how to strike a balance.

Aanya Sethi shows us the world of homeschooling through the eyes of a 13-year old; while Aakash Sethi, 15 years of age tells us how to not let boredom and the parents get to us. We also have the Under-10s sharing their feelings about the situation. The views of all of these young ones are worth reading and heeding to!

Vantika Singh tells us how the lockdown – ironically – is an ideal setting for the kids on the spectrum to enjoy mother nature in all her glory without crowded streets, and negligible noise and expresses ideas of some activities that would engage the children and keep them
away from boredom.

Chetana Parameswar shares her magic potions to keep up our immunities and stay fit through this phase. From a simple ‘haldi-doodh’ to using ingredients like licorice, garlic, honey ginger and more – not only does she give us her ‘mixes’ but also a solid reason to why they work.

Another list of things to do – this time for adults is given by Ritesh Sood. And some of these options are covered by the insurances. Yes, check out if your online workouts via your fitness club subscription or any of your other ideas are one of them. And while you’re at it, check out the interesting April quiz presented by Qwizzeria. Make an attempt – you have nothing to lose.

How does one take the much-performed Nutcracker and present it differently? Christian Spuck’s take on the original story by ETA Hoffman is replete with the eerie and bizarre moments the original story provides. Sowgandhika Krishnan reviews the ‘Nutcracker and Mouse King’ that recently played at the Opernhaus Zurich.

Just when you think, you’ve read it all – Nayana Chakrabarti takes you through her book reviews, which will certainly want you to re-engage in your reading and pick one from her list.

And if you think, we human beings are the only ones impacted by the lockdown. Lakshmi Natarajan takes you back to the zoo – via prose and poetry – to give you the other side of the story.

Reka Samynathan sent us a doodle of the unique situation we are in. With a simple comic illustration of our very old three little pigs she expains the Lockdown to kids.

So, until the next time – stay in, stay healthy, stay fit and stay happy!

Illustration by Kirti Sharma

Disclaimer: Namaste Switzerland does not undertake any financial, reputational, legal, misrepresentational or other obligation or liability which may arise from the content of this article.