October is here – the month when Nature dons hues of gold, and we are urged to pause, slow down and appreciate the beauty of Fall.

October is also a time for us to prepare for the many festivities that are coming up in the last quarter of the year.

We wish all our readers a happy Fall/Autumn and are pleased to share with you a selection of articles from our growing family of contributors; so sit back with a cuppa Joe and warm up your soul with this month’s issue – ‘Autumn Musings’.

Art meets Science – Gayatri Muthukrishnan tells us about Swiss-resident Dr Pranitha Kamat, who juggles her position as a Research Scientist at the University of Zurich while pursuing Bharatanatyam through multiple projects, and being a mother to two young children.

Chetana Parameswar shows us how to get creative this Autumn with her tried and tested DIY ideas – from an Autumn inspired DIY art wall to Autumn-inspired leaf stamps – she gives our readers several creative ideas this season.

Ritesh Sood of Primea GMBh tells us optimise our insurance policies, how to cancel them, and what to keep in mind while changing providers.

Shinta Simon tells us about a group of women, from different parts of the world, who came together to create ‘Heroes Everywhere’ – an initiative that celebrates the everyday hero.

Manasa Mukka writes about Bewegte Femmes-Tische, a unique concept that combines Femmes-Tische and Biodanza.

Ujjaini Roy, who has lived in Switzerland for 18 years, revisits memories from her first summer in Switzerland. She tells us about the history of Lausanne.

Vantika Singh tells us about Chewelry, that was introduced to her son Advay at his school. This significantly helped him to participate in class activities and reduce his number of meltdowns.

Aradhna Sethi tells us about 13-year old Samriddhi (Simi) Singh, co-founder of girlscancode.ch, a teacher at goTech and the youngest ambassador at Swiss Cognitives. She is also associated with the ‘Trust in Robots’ research at ETH Zürich. All this, in addition to being a regular gymnasium student attending grade 8.

This month, we have the pleasure of bringing you the first column as part of the Legal Eagle series – hear from our legal expert, Isabelle Thouvenin, on the topic of Hiring domestic help or a nanny – from the process of hiring a nanny to their rights, contracts and other legal aspects, get to know it all.

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Illustration by Sharanya Mageshwaran

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