By Aryavardhan Mundhra, 9 years old, Zug

Aryavardhan likes to play the guitar, play board games, rollerskate, watch movies and bake goodies from time to time. He also enjoys DIY projects and is a big Harry Potter fan, He loves to read a lot.


The author of this famous book is Joanne Kathleen Rowling, also known as J. K. Rowling. She is the author of a series of books called Harry Potter. In this series there are 7 books and I have chosen the first book to write my book report on. She has written several other books that are famous worldwide.


The genre of this book is action, adventure, fantasy and a little bit of mystery as well as some horror. Most of the book is filled with action and adventure. There are some parts which have mystery as well as horror too but that’s…(Spoiler Alert!) is mostly at the end.


Most of the story takes place in and around Hogwarts Castle as well as on the Hogwarts’ quidditch pitch, number four Privet Drive, Diagon Alley, Gringotts and Hagrid’s hut. It takes place at a few other places too but those are all inside Hogwarts like the entrance hall, the dungeons, the dormitory, the trophy room and the great hall.


  • There are loads and loads of characters in Harry Potter:
  • Hermione Granger: A bit of a know it all, Harry’s best friend, a little odd or strange
  • Harry Potter: Hero of the story, quite smart, brave, honest and adventurous
  • Ron Weasley: best friend of Harry’s, not very good at magic, very adventurous


My favourite part is when Harry has his very first Quidditch match. In his first broomstick flying lesson, he showed lots of talent and was chosen as the youngest Seeker in a century at Hogwarts. That was the same time Harry received his Nimbus2000, the best broom of that time. The first Quidditch match was awesome, Gryffindor versus Slytherin. With Harry they were undefeatable. Gryffindor won the match, but sadly they didn`t win the Quidditch cup.


I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for an adventurous book with lots of fantasy. It is very good, and I recommend reading it at once. It is exciting, mysterious and full of suspense. I think after reading the first book you would want to read the rest of the series, as I am doing now.

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