Author – Ishaan Parameswar

Chapter 1: How Everything Began

Once upon a time, there was a big pirate ship. The captain’s name was Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk. But Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk was an unusual pirate. He was unusual because he didn’t have a black eye patch and instead of having a parrot, he had a tiger as a pet. For breakfast, he and his crew had magical bug porridge, for lunch, they had spooky fish eggs and for dinner, they had stinky shark fin soup.

One day, when the captain was out fishing, he saw two bottles in the sea. He fished out both the bottles to see what was inside. Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk couldn’t believe his luck. One of the bottles contained deadly poison while the other one held an amazing thing: a message in a bottle. He was so happy that he didn’t see where he was walking and almost tumbled overboard. His tiger had to rescue him. Just when he was about to open the message in the bottle, he heard a strange sound.

Chapter 2: Attack!

Illustration of skull and bonesIt was another pirate ship. Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk was sure that the pirates on the other ship were jealous about him finding the message in the bottle. The captain of the other ship said “Attack!” All of the crew and the captain jumped out of their ship and swam to captain Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk’s ship. Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk and his tiger fired their cannons in the water. All the crew from the other ship were killed and they drowned, except for one person, the captain of the other ship. Before he could attack, the tiger distracted him. While the captain was distracted, Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk secretly pulled out the poison bottle and smashed it on the other captain’s face. The captain died instantly. Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk threw the dead pirate overboard.

“Problem solved”, he said.

Chapter 3: The treasure hunt begins

Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk opened the message in the bottle. There was a riddle. It read: “Finding the first clue will be exciting! Go to the place where the dogs are biting.” Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk knew immediately which place that was: Dog Cave! He immediately set sail.

Chapter 4: The Dog Cave

In around thirty minutes they reached Dog Cave. Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk went inside the cave. There were lots of dogs there. Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk threw 15 bones on the ground. While the dogs were distracted, he sneaked into their pile of old bones. There, he found another message in another bottle. He took the bottle, sneaked out, climbed aboard and set sail. The second message in the bottle read: “Finding the treasure is super fun, now go back to where your adventure first began.”

Chapter 5: Treasure!

Using the clue, Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk sailed back home, where he couldn’t believe his eyes: the treasure was lying at home, right in front of him. He opened the treasure chest, and he was really lucky: he found gold, silver and diamonds! Mr Mclloyd Blackhawk and his tiger became rich and they lived happily ever after.


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