By Kanhai Vaidya,13 years old , Aargau

The two sisters sat in a  carriage hung with maroon velvet curtains and pillows. It was relatively comfortable. Rose looked at Violet, concerned.

“Great start to an adventure, isn’t it?”, Violet muttered dejectedly.

“Cheer up! It’ll get better,” Rose tried to sound more upbeat.

“What do you think they’ll do to us?” The younger sister’s voice quavered as she asked the question.

Rose forced a smile, “Honestly, don’t worry! Nothing will happen.”

In herself, Rose wasn’t feeling so sure. She pushed the curtains open. A beam of sunlight shone through, lighting up the carriage much more than the flickering lights did. The

older sister peered out and saw the most beautiful garden she had ever seen.

She gasped.


Her sister looked at her.

“Look outside!”

Violet opened the curtains on her side and felt her breath catch as well.

“It’s beautiful!”

The  garden was  filled  with flowers  of all kinds, from  roses  to flowers  of different exotic  types  the  sisters  couldn’t  even  name.

The two sisters started when the carriage jerked to a halt.

A  deep  voice  resounded  next  to Rose, “We have arrived.”

She  pushed  the  curtain  open all  the  way  to  the  end  of  the  rail. One of the men that had led them to the carriage had spoken. Rose got a better view of him.

He  was  tall  with  sandy  hair,  she  guessed  that  he was in his  twenties. He  wore  a  deep  blue  and  silver uniform. Rose  stepped  out  of  the  carriage, realizing  that  he, as

  well  as  the  man  back  in  the  city  had  spoken in English. She was closely followed by  Violet, who was staring at the man curiously.

“Where are we?” She asked.

He turned around and continued walking, leaving her question unanswered. The two siblings exchanged a  glance and followed him. The  sight  that  lay  before  them

took  their  breath  away  once  again. In front of them rose a  beautiful castle, as if it had popped out of a  fairytale.  It was white and gold, with  a  huge  maroon

flag  waving  on  one  of  the  towers. The  flag  had  an  emblem  on  it  , which  Rose  presumed  to  be  the  flag  of  whichever  place  they  were  in.

When  they  both  audibly  gasped ,  Rose  could  have  sworn  she  saw  the  man  in  front  of  them  smirk. When they reached the entrance of the castle, the man

wrapped his knuckles on the mahogany door. Almost immediately , the  door  swung open, revealing  bright , white  rooms  with  marble  flooring  and  pillars . The  garden

was  brought  into  the  castle  with  green  Devil’s  Ivy  wrapped  around  the  pillars.

Rose turned towards the man. “So, I  guess  we’re  going  to  Her  Highness ?”

Her  voice  echoed  several  times  in  the  huge  room .

The  man  looked  at  her  strangely .

“Indeed, we  are.”

He clapped his hands,  and two women entered the hall.

They  wore  long  white  gowns  and  each  wore  a  flower  crown  which  perched  daintily  on  their  heads.

“ Good Morning, Goldwynn.”

“Ferne, Cerise.” He nodded in greeting.

He  conversed  with  them  fluently  in  a  language  Rose  had  never  heard  before . It  didn’t  have  defined  words , but  it  all  flowed  together  like  a  beautiful  piece  of music.

After  exchanging  a  few  words  with  Goldwynn, the  two  women  mustered  us , interested.

“Names?”Cerise inquired, her lilting accent still audible. It took the siblings a  second to realize she was talking to them.

“Rose  and  Violet”, Rose  answered.

Goldwynn’s  eyes  widened  in  shock , as  did  Cerise  and  Ferne’s.

“Do you think-”  Cerise broke off when she got elbowed by her companion.

“Not  Now”, Ferne  said  while  staring  at  the  two  girls  intently .

Goldwynn cleared his throat, still looking shaken.

“Lead them to the Grand Hall”.

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