Indian Association Wettingen (IAW) based in Wettingen, Aargau is a non-profit organization promoting Indian culture, supporting integration of Indian community living in Switzerland, conducting sports & recreational activities as well as performing charity activities. During the recent pandemic time, IAW has been actively conducting virtual events to engage its members and their children.

In this regard, IAW invited their members’ children of all ages to send their painting on the theme “Save Earth” to commemorate the Earth Day on 22nd April 2021. Earth Day is being celebrated globally to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. During the four-day virtual event starting from the Earth Day, many kids participated in the event by contributing close to 37 paintings to show their care for Mother Nature as well as the importance of conserving it. The paintings also touched on the topics of going green, planting more trees, stopping pollution, saving water as well as respecting nature.

The paintings also emphasized the responsibilities of the current generation to leave a better world for the future generation. IAW is very delighted to present the work of all kids as one painting with a unified message “Save Earth Save Life”.

IAWearth day collage1

IAW earth dayCollage2NSW

IAw earth day Collage3NSW

Iaw Earth day collage 4

Iaw earth day collage 5


By Ramya Vinoth

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