Here’s to a summer that looks hopeful and sunnier than the last one! There is reason to feel hopeful – the rate of vaccinations has been steadily picking up in Switzerland – as our June issue goes online, more than 22% of Swiss residents have been fully vaccinated, restaurants and events are slowly opening up to the public and there is optimism in the air. We hope you feel the same….we wish all our readers sunnier days ahead and safe and joyful summer 2021!

In the month of May, RADIO TELEVISION SUISSE (RTS) connected with Namaste Switzerland to cover the ongoing relief measures that the Swiss-based Indian community has been working on. RTS spoke to our co-founder, Manasa Mukka, who emphasized the importance of mobilizing funds and organizing aid to help the ongoing relief efforts in India.

Watch the news segment here:…/la-flambee-pandemique-de-covid-19…

In this month’s issue read about:

Nitya Rajan, the winner of the Science Olympiad in Philosophy in 2021, is also the president of a humanitarian aid and ecology association and pursues Bharatanatyam and Judo as a hobby. This multi-faceted teenager, who has a whole life still ahead of her, dreams of bringing innovation in healthcare and making it equitable. Gayatri Muthukrishnan tells us more.

Whether you call them spring rolls, rice paper wraps, salad rolls or summer rolls, they’re crunchy, tempting and tasty. Make these delicious treats to get some “wows” from guests or to have a fun family bonding time while creating a meal. Chetana Parameswar shows you how!

Eating a varied diet with a range of nutrients is important to support the immune system. However, there is not a single food, nutrient or supplement that can prevent us from being infected by COVID-19 or helps us recover faster. How can we get them naturally from everyday foods? Saroja Allaparthi, our new health columnist, tells us more about these key vitamins that can support our immune system in the recovery process.

In our language corner, we bring to you phrases that you can use in your everyday life in Switzerland. There are four official languages in Switzerland – German, French, Italian and Romansch. In this issue, Samvidha Srinath brings you phrases that help you with conversation ideas in two languages spoken in Switzerland.

Language classes are a nice hub of integration and exchange of thoughts. ‘It’s much more than learning vocabulary, grammar and making sentences.’ says Noopur Shrivastav who recently started learning German. What’s it like to be in a language class, meet new people from different countries? Thinking in your native language but expressing it all in Deutsch! She tells us more.

In his monthly column, ‘Check your facts’, Rajan Thambehalli gives us an interactive quiz to flex our brain cells!


In ‘Young Voices’, our younger readers express themselves through their art, prose and poetry. This month, editor Nayana Chakrabarti rounds up some of the news highlights of the month of May and gives us a sneak peek of what June has in store for us. Aashvi Shrivastav writes a poem based on the stem line ‘I am from’ and conjures up beautiful images of all her cultures. Adrita Sanyal pays tribute to her father – Swiss Father’s Day falls on the 6th of June while International Father’s Day falls on the 20th of June. Kanhai Vaidya and Ishaan Parameshwar both continue the monthly instalments of their stories while Adrita Sanyal and Adrita Ghosh share their art with us.

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