Anoushka Rao, 7 years old, Zurich

In my summer holidays, I visited the Paleontology museum in Zurich. To get there I took a tram and a bus and then walked to the museum. When I got in, I saw a very big dinosaur at the entrance.

Dinosaur at paleontology museum zurich

It was a life-size model of the plateosaurus, which lived on the earth 200 million years ago. I thought it was very impressive. The Fossils of this great dinosaur were found in Frick, Switzerland. Fossils are bones of animals that lived before us, found buried underground.
On the ground floor, there is a display of animals from Switzerland and on the lower floor, there is a display of animals from around the world.

I saw a huge prehistoric fish and its fossil, also fossils of other fish and reptiles. These fossils come from Ticino, which is only two hours away by train from Zurich. Isn’t that amazing?
There are audio stations and activity tables and games everywhere to tell you more about the animals. Don’t forget the library.

There was a skeleton of a mammoth and a mountain goat that lived in the Alps. I also saw a baby mammoth that was 7 months old when it died. It was found buried in the snow. That made me sad.

On the lower floor, animal models are grouped into regions like Asia, Australia. In the region of Antarctica, there was a model of the mammal Narwhal. Some people think that the tusk of the Narwhal is a nose, but it really is a tooth.

Narwhal at paleontology museum zurich


There are lots of interesting things about animals to learn here. Wouldn’t you like to visit the museum too?


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