Ashvi Shrivastav, Zurich

During the summer vacation, we went to Sihl City, Zurich, and watched a movie called Jungle Cruise. It is a nice family movie. I rate it 10/10. It’s funny but also a little violent. You would like it, if you don’t mind violence and enjoy emotion, action, comedy and heroism. It stars Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson.

The movie is about a girl named Lily. She has a brother called McGregor. Together they want to find a thing called “The tears of the Moon”. It is basically a tree and if you get one petal of it, it will cure anything that is broken in the body or even the worst of diseases.

In the movie, the silliest and funniest is probably McGregor, Lily’s brother. He is all about skincare and makeup. He has the biggest trunk in the movie and perhaps changes clothes 10 times a day.

Lily is strong! She is so fierce and energetic. It feels like Lily and McGregor have switched bodies so the movie feels like it challenges stereotypes.

Frank is another important character in the movie. He helps Lily in her pursuit of “the tears of the Moon”. Frank is obedient and helpful. When Lily asked Frank to take a shortcut to save two days in their journey to the moon, Frank agreed, but then everybody regretted it.

The journey to “The Tear of the Moon” was very challenging. They had to navigate the dangerous animals and supernatural things of the Amazon rainforest. They did not have food and the teammates did not trust each other. It was because Frank lied that he has been bitten by a tiger on his arm. But the tiger was actually his pet. He also lied about the natives of the Amazon rainforest…. Liar!

Lily did not know that Frank was 400 years old because he was once stabbed by a special knife. Another fact that Lily did not know about Frank was that he painted a very old, complicated map that led to ‘The tears of the Moon’.

Frank’s tiger Proxima was helping Frank find the necklace related to the moon, instead, Proxima finds McGregor’s spilt red wine and drinks it. When Frank tries to find the ‘Arrow Head’ (the necklace), he smells Proxima’s breath and realizes that Proxima is drunk. Because he was drunk, he was not at all helpful in the search for ‘The tear of the Moon’.

The crew went through some rough water but in the end, it all worked out.

Spoiler Alert…

They find “The Tear of the Moon” in the end. Lily and Frank, of course, were most helpful in finding it. While McGregor and Proxima made us laugh. Later on, Frank goes back to London with Lily and McGregor. And it was a happy ending to the movie “Jungle Cruise”.

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