Avik Shrivastav

The vroom of engine behind your ears, the screech of the tyres when you drift, the feeling of joy when you win the race. All this happens in one place: Tempodrom, Winterthur. You are probably wondering what in the world that is?

Well, it’s a go karting place, you drive karts around tracks to set fastest time possible. There are few handy buttons that will help you achieve this goal. For example, the turbo button, makes you go faster by 3 seconds per bar. The other button is reverse gear, when you crash, you can reverse and get out.

I went to the Tempodrom with my friends. We are all taller than 130cms, so we were allowed to race. Those kids who are smaller than 130cms can play upstairs in Wunderland. That is a nice play area for smaller kids. For us the wait time was 2 hours, as it was summer vacation and many kids and families had come for go-karting fun.

I played snooker, air hockey and table football during the time that I was waiting. I liked the fact that, wait time was also fun and I could play other things during that time with my friends.

After waiting for about 2 hours, we went to race. In the first round, there was a guy named Nikola who came first. He was really good and very fast. In the next two rounds, I was first. My trick to coming first was relying heavily on the Turbo Button. At the start, I always used the turbo button to increase my speed. I also used the turbo button at the end to get the fastest time possible. In Tempodrom, you can go up to the speed of 55 kilometers per hour. It is fun going that fast.

In go-karting, I also crashed with my friends and got really shocked. We all skidded at least five times and got real shakes when we went outside. That stretch is really bumpy, and your hands shake the whole time.

My sister’s monkey cap kept falling on her face, so she stopped and adjusted her cap. While she was adjusting, we all passed by her and were shocked to see her there. Even though it was at the expense of her time, it was worth it, as it was for her and others safety.

Tempodrom is a little expensive (20 CHF per ride for kids) but it is definitely worth it. I had lots of fun. I can’t wait to go again.

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