The last two years seem to have melded into one another with trouble, turmoil and turbulence. Yet, hope doesn’t leave our side!

2022 has started on a subdued note with the virus raising yet another ugly head… another mutation, another spate of partial and complete restrictions. Despite it all, Namaste Switzerland has learned to take the rough with the smooth. We choose to see optimism: even as Covid cases rise – we sense hope – as the illness is not as severe, not as lethal – albeit much more contagious. We see hope as the medical professionals and hospitals are slightly better equipped than in 2020. And it’s hope, happiness and health that we would like to wish you all.

Work has started from home/partially from home/from the office as the case may be. Schools have re-opened – some with hybrid models, others online, and still more with physical attendance. Life is abuzz again as the days grow slightly longer – with the sun’s rays bringing in the added and much needed gentle warmth. But it’s not as they say “full-on crazy” just as yet… So we have taken the time to bring you a mix of the old and new.

We start with the Souperstar of this issue – Chetana Parameswar – who relentlessly doles out her recipes in good measure and great taste, with uncanny ease in her own delectable style! This time – it’s Soup! Borscht.

Noopur Shrivastav in her resourceful and jubilant style shares a fantastic getaway plan for the Sport Ferien – one that doesn’t need long distance travel. She takes us through an array of winter sports around Zurich.

Looking into our archives – we hand-selected a few articles, including tradition-based, recipes, DIYs that you might want to read again. We did! So here’s the list that you can.

In our monthly column, Qwizzeria runs an interactive quiz that tests our knowledge of facts. How many can you get right?

Young Voices

Our Young Voices editor, Nayana Chakrabarti brings her pedagogic interests and knowledge to Young Voices where young people are encouraged to create their own identity texts through spoken, written and visual media. The new year has brought brand new creative articles from our young voices in Switzerland:

  • Kanhai Vaidya is back, after a brief hiatus with the next chapter of her novel
  • Itee and Shivee Balajee share their book reviews of ‘The Christmas Pig’ and ‘Around the World in 50 Ways’
  • Ashmi Chakraborty tells us how to make paper crafts of winter vegetables. Anoushka Rao shares her new year art.

Nayana really enjoys curating Young Voices each month and is always on the lookout for potential contributors.

Would you like to write or create for Young Voices? Each month, we accept three articles (non-fiction, fiction, reviews, travel writing, recipes etc) and artwork. If so, please do write to us at

Click on the logo to read the articles on our brand new Young Voices website!

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Illustration by Sumana Roy Chowdhury


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