Planning on staying put close to Zurich this Sport Ferien? Check out some of the winter sport destinations in and around Zurich. Such as Haldigrat- a one-and-a-half-hour-long drive from Zurich. And more…Noopur Shrivastav shares her list of day trips – indoor and outdoor ideas with friends and family.


Ski and Snowboarding

There are plenty of ski and snowboarding schools that train children and adults from and up to different difficulty levels. You can carry your own skis, snowboards and other necessary equipment, or rent it from near the school. Most of the ski rental shops offer locker facilities too, you can stack your ski equipment and revisit the place the next day.

Some of the popular spots around the Zurich area are:

  • Flumserberg
  • Rigi
  • Einsiedeln
  • Stoos
  • Hoch Ybrig
  • Sattel
  • Titlis


The perfect way to spend time on the slopes If you don’t know skiing or if you are a family with small children! A few places offer magic carpet facilities for a charge to pull you up with your sledge while in many others you pull your sledge along as you go.

Some of the popular spots are:

  • Uetliberg
  • Einsiedeln
  • Albis pass
  • Brunni Alpthal
  • Engelberg
  • Amden Arvenbüel


Toboggans are fun all year round. Check the weather conditions and confirm whether the toboggans are running. There’s nothing like sitting in a small cart and gliding down the steel plate enjoying the winter wonderland.

Places you can toboggan near the city are:

  • Flumserberg
  • Atzmännig
  • Sattel

Ice skating

During winter, most Gemeinde’s set up skating rinks for public use. Private lessons may be organized, too. If the rink is not booked for ice hockey or curling, check it out! At times, a part of the rink may be blocked out for such events or training while the other part is free for ice skating. Dolder Sports has one of the largest ice skating rinks in Europe. It is open from November to March.

Popular skating rinks in Zurich:

  • Wallisellen
  • Wollerau
  • Belleveu
  • Lachen

Whatever sport you take up, even if it’s a casual walk around the lake or up the Uetliberg mountain – go out and grab the sunny outdoors with blue skies, shimmering snow, and the sunshine that makes you glow!

As we all know “April macht was April will” (April does what April wants) – and that’s when we will see a mix of unpredictable weather – so watch this space for indoor activities in and around Zurich – when the weather turns soggy!


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