Illustration for Contributors for Namaste SwitzerlandWithin a year of the launch of Namaste Switzerland, our team has grown to include a number of contributors who provide us with quality content. They come from various walks of life and bring along experiences – some unique and others common to the global citizens of today.

Team Namaste Switzerland thanks its contributors that keep the online magazine ticking and interesting at all times.

Dhruti Trivedi

Social media lead - Instagram

Photo of Dhruti VyasWriter and portraitist by passion, social media manager by profession, a travel enthusiast, and explorer at heart. All help me be from a fun mom to a committed professional who never loses the spirit of life.​

Sharanya Mageshwaran

Our in-house illustrator

Photo of Sharanya MageshwaranSharanya Mageshwaran is a freelance illustrator who loves painting and sketching with fauvist expressionist abstract themes. More of her artwork can be seen on her blog,