Here you will find details of various classes and workshops organized by Indians across Switzerland.

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Bharatanatyam Lessons

Contact Name – Gayatri Muthukrishnan

Phone – +41 78 621 36 65

E-mail –

Bollywood Inspired Zumba Dance

Contact Name – Priya Ramesh

Phone – +41 799596211

Address – Leimgrubenweg 9, Dreispitz, Basel

E-mail –

Come, dance with Nidhi

Address – Leimbachstrasse 215, 8041 Zurich

Phone – +41 79 824 2731

E-mail –

Dance is Nidhi’s hobby and passion.

It works like therapy. and she has been involved in this fun way to fitness regularly.

Stay tuned for regular updates from Zumba with Nidhi!

Duration: 1 hr (approximately) Price: CHF 10 per person

Maximum participants: 17

Proceeds cover room rental and the remaining funds are sent to Surman Sansthan Jaipur.


Address – Melchrütistrasse 6 (3rd floor) 8304 Wallisellen

Phone – +41 78 721 1946 (or whatsapp)

Facebook – creativitybyity

E-mail –

Cooking lessons

Ity Tiwari, through her venture Creativ-ity, does customized cooking classes and cooking classes at Klubschule Migros (Oerlikon or Limmatplatz/Zürich).

Contact her to know more about her classes and events.


Contact Name – Manasa Mukka

Website –

Phone – +44 76 499 86 59

Email –

Carnatic and light music lessons

Dhwani offers beginners’ Carnatic classical music vocal lessons for children above the age of 6 and adults in Nussbaumen, near Baden. Each class consists of a group of 2-4 children or adults of similar age groups.

Dhwani also offers light music classes that include bhajans and Indian film music for adults who want to learn music for fun and do not have the time and inclination to learn classical music.

Einfach Deutsch – German language lessons

Logo of Einfach Deutch

Website –

Phone – 0774490892  (WhatApp)

Email –

German Language Lessons

A completely innovative Multimedia Approach: Learn German the fastest, easiest way!

The wide use of enhanced visual aids in the form of pictures, videos and audio clips apart from the text is explicitly used so that perception is deepened by way of viewing actual objects compared to wild imagination.

The aim is to help you become an avid German Speaker like a native of course!

Kinder Bollywood

Contact Name – Feroza Simeon

Phone – +41 76 327 8558

Venue – Spiegelsaal, GZ Affoltern, Bodenacker 25, 8046 Züich

NEW Bollywood Dance Course

The kids Bollywood classes starting from 28th February 2018 onwards.

Painting workshops by Brindarica Bose

Contact name – Brindarica Bose

Phone – +41 78 870 5363

Email –

Venue – Wohlen AG (close to Bahnhof).

Starting from – May 21, 2017 (Sunday).

Painting workshops by Brindarica Bose

Regular Art Classes: A regular ‘once-a-month’ art class for participants at all levels (beginners to advanced). We will work with different mediums and topics: learn how to sketch, use charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, landscapes, abstract, based on individual taste and skill. Class duration: 2.5 hrs.

Couples (with or without child): A monthly feature based on demand, where both husband and wife (or partners) will have different tasks and will have to finish a painting together on a canvas sized 50 x 70mm, in acrylics, within 3 hours. Prior knowledge of acrylics or painting is not required. Everything will be explained on the spot and participants will be contacted beforehand to give them a summary.
It will be a revival of their interest in art as well as fun.

Purnima Dance Culture

Contact Name – Mrs Purnima Venkatesh

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Bhartanatyam Artist/Instructor

Qualified in Tanjore Pandanalloor Bani (style) from BharatNatyaNiketan, Delhi

Critically Certified by the great Dance/music critic Late. Subbudu.

Contact for

  1. Bhartanatyam Classes (Individual/More) basic level
  2. Choreography (Individual/ More) To get trained in any perticular dance piece with the basic knowledge of structural footwork with hand jesture
  3. Recitals

RAY Academy Swiss

Contact Name – Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Phone – +41 786990098

Email –

Facebook –


TEDx Speaker, Award-winning International Inspirational Speaker & Trainer

She organises workshops, Masterclasses, one-to-one mentoring sessions via real as well as virtual learning platforms. She has conducted highly successful and powerful sessions across Vevey, Montreux, Geneva, Zurich – in Switzerland, India, China, Bahrain, UK, Amsterdam and Portugal.

She will help you Develop YOUR:

Communication skills, Public speaking skills, Presentation skills, Body language, Visibility Impact, Cultural diversity

Are you READY? Feel free to reach out Ruby for organising a session in your city!!


Contact Name –  Amrita Ray

Phone – +41 78 915 0960

Contact Name – Tandra Sanyal

Phone – +41 76 595 3855

Website –

Email –

Childrens’ Activity Centre

Sanrays is a learning institute for children (1.5-6 years old). Our programmes foster intellectual, physical, lingual, social, emotional, and creative growth in an atmosphere nurtured by love and care.

We offer quality time with your kid and our creative curriculum includes basic communication, etiquettes, yoga, dance, Zumba, song, art and craft, mathematics, safety measures and many more according to different age groups.
Our mission is to help students discover their talents, develop skills needed for success in future studies and establish values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness in society.

It is our multi-faceted approach to learning and child care that makes our academy one of the premier centres in the region.

Spice it Upp

Name – Sunrita Dutta  

Email – 

Website –

Facebook –

Indian cooking made easy

A fun Interactive hand on cooking class that helps Indian food lovers demystify Indian cuisine and make Indian cooking easier. Spice it Upp classes are run by Sunrita Dutta since 2013 based in Basel and surrounding areas. The classes are very hands-on and have a festive feel. Each attendee cooks a dish and ends the class with a relaxed sit-down meal. The classes are packed with cooking tips and tricks which can be used in any kitchen.

There is a wide range of classes to choose from to fit individual requirements. Sunrita visits homes in and around Zurich, Bern, Luzern and even further upon request. She also helps with arranging an Indian themed event for birthdays, anniversaries, social or corporate events at the convenience of your home or location. 

Please visit for full information, reviews and contact details.

Stuti Aga Dance Company

Dance School

Stuti Aga dance company is a Zürich Switzerland based dance school and a dance group specializing in Indian Folk, Classical fusion and Bollywood dance.

I want to be inspired and hope to inspire by introducing dance to every dance lover locally, nationally and internationally by creating unique choreography based on traditional dance styles with a modern touch creating a perfectly balanced blend of dance rhythm and fitness.

We have regular dance classes in Zurich every Thursday from 18:15 – 19:15 and 19:15 to 20:15 at Dance-It Studio.

We conduct 2-hour workshops on Bollywood and Indian folk dance for kids and Adults. All the details are available on our website and social media channels.


Contact name – Tandra Sanyal

Phone – +41 76 595 3855

Email – or

Dance lessons

Tandra Chakraborty Sanyal is trained in Kathak (Indian classical) as well as Rabindra Nritya, Contemporary Dances, Folk Dances etc. She has studied dance for over 16 years and has a wide experience as a professional dancer and as a performer. She has performed in many National and International events. She has learned Kathak from Smt. Shankari Roy Chowdhury. Presently she runs a Kathak dance school called ‘TAAL-O-NRITYA’ in Zurich. She runs an activity class for kids call ‘

Presently she runs a Kathak dance school called ‘TAAL-O-NRITYA’ in Zurich. She has worked in Zurich-International-School (Nord) as an after-school dance teacher.

Every year her students take an exam with Indian dance school (Chicago) and get recognized certificates in Kathak. She prepares her students for various stage performances.


Contact name – Veena Steiner

Website –

Email –

Phone – +41 79 826 70 45

Email –

  • Bollywood dance classes for kids and adults
  • Henna service for all occasions
  • Indian dance performances for all occasions

Yoga with Seena online

Flyer of Yoga classes by Seena Prashanth

Contact name – Seena Prashanth

Phone – +41 79 25 87 596

Email –

Yoga lessons

I am a trained Yoga teacher and teach Hatha Yoga, traditionally practised for purification. It includes classical asanas (postures/poses) that are held for longer periods of time and attention to accurate body alignment. I teach regular classes at Joweid Zentrum, Rüti-Zh and now provide classes online. Yoga sessions adapted to all levels. Please reach out to set up an appointment for a trial session.

10 classes for CHF 150 or pay per class.


Contact name – Bhavani Gobalakrishnan

Address – Schulstrasse 24, 5415 Nussbaumen

Phone – +41 79 852 2932

Email –

Art lessons

Art is never finished only abandoned – Leornado da vinci

Drawing classes for kids and young adults in Nussbaumen

Exposure to art develops both right and left side of the person’s brain. Learning art improves creativity, emotional intelligence, concentration and it relaxes the mind.

In Zeichna, you can learn freestyle, still life, landscapes, portraits drawings and sketchings using different types of techniques.

The teaching style enhances and encourages artistic talent.