Illustration of the 5th anniversary issue of Namaste Switzerland by Sharanya Mageshwaran

March 2022

Namaste Switzerland is 5!

Illustration by Sumana Roy Chowdhury for January 2022

February 2022

Health, Happiness and Hope – welcome 2022!

Illustration by Sumana Roy Chowdhury for January 2022

January 2022

Health, Happiness and Hope – welcome 2022!

Illustration depicting Warming up to Winter! by Sharanya Mageshwaran

December 2021

Warming up to Winter

Illustration for Summer Reset

August 2021

Summer Reset

Spring illustration by Kirti Sharma

April 2021

Spring Time

Illusration indicating The Golden Glow

November 2021

The Golden Glow

Illustration for Holiday Reads

July 2021

Holiday Reads

Illustration for Namaste Switzerland - a journey of 4 years!

March 2021

A journey of 4 years

Illustration depicting Color me Autumn by Sharanya Mageshwaran

October 2021

Color me Autumn!

Illustration for Towards sunnier days by Sharanya Mageshwaran

June 2021

Towards Sunny Days

Illustration of Show That You Care by Sumana Roy Chowdhury

February 2021

Show that you care

Illustration depicting Energize Yourself!

September 2021

Energize Yourself!

Illustration indicating COVID times by Sharanya Mageshwaran

May 2021

Empower, inspire and heal

Ilustration representing Welcome 2021 by Sharanya Mageshwaran

January 2021

Welcome 2021!


Illustration depicting embracing the good times

December 2020

Embracing the good times!

Illustration of Diwali rangoli by Kirti Dhammi

November 2020

Warm up with November lights

Illustration for Autumn musings

October 2020

Autumn Musings

Illustration representing Walking into Fall by Kirti Sharma

September 2020

Walking into Fall

Illustration indicating

August 2020

Brighten up your August

Illustration for Summertime Tales

July 2020

Summertime Tales

Illustration for Scents of Summer by Sharanya Mageshwaran

June 2020

Scents of Summer

Illustration for Winds of Change by Sumana Roy Choudhury

May 2020

Winds of Change

Illustration indicating - Lockdown! But the show must go on by Kirti Sharma

April 2020

Lockdown! But the show must go on…

Illustration representing Namaste Switzerland's 3rd anniversary

March 2020

A journey of 3 years

Illustration of Valentine's Day by Kirti Sharma

February 2020

Seasoned with Love

Illustration by Kirti Sharma representing Stepping into 2020

January 2020

Stepping into 2020


Illustration for the Winter Stories issue by Sumana Roy Choudhury

December 2019

Welcoming Winter

Illustration of Show That You Care by Sumana Roy Chowdhury

November 2019

Children’s Special!

Cover image of Fall and Festivities by Kirti Sharma

October 2019

Fall and Festivities

Painting representing sweet summer nostalgia

September 2019

Sweet Summer Nostalgia

Illustration of Picking Page - August 2019

August 2019

Picking Pace

Illustration for the best of Namaste Switzerland

July 2019

The Best of Namaste Switzerland

Summer illustration for June 2019

June 2019

Sunny beginnings

Illustration of Summer on the Horizon by Dhriti Muralikrishnan

May 2019

Summer on the Horizon

Nature Springs to Life

April 2019

Nature Springs to Life

Illustration of Show That You Care by Sumana Roy Chowdhury

March 2019

Spring into Spring


Illustration of Winter Stories by Sharanya Mageswaran

December 2018

Winter Stories

Autumn 2018 Illustration for On Track Again!

September 2018

On Track Again!

Summer Vibes

June 2018

 Summer Vibes

Anniversary issue - Building bonds

March 2018

Building Bonds


Ring in the new!

December 2017

Ring in the New

Illustration of the issue, Hues Of Gold

September 2017

Hues of Gold

Mothers Day Illustration

June 2017

Sunshine in my Pocket

Welcome to Namaste Switzerland

March 2017

Colour me bright!