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Celebrating Holi with ‘High Heels’

The streets of Zurich were a riot of colour on the 12th March when 19 members of ‘High Heels’ gathered to celebrate Holi in Zurich.

‘High Heels’ is a group of Indian-origin women from various professional backgrounds. With organic colours brought by a member from India, the group set out to celebrate the festival of colours at the Rathaus Brücke in Zurich, right in the centre of the city. The ladies played with ‘gulal’ (coloured powder used in a Holi celebration), relished some ‘thandai’ and sweets and took pictures. When curious onlookers asked about the festival the ladies were more than happy to explain the tradition to them. An Indian family touring the spot saw the group and were thrilled to join them. They were missing Holi back home and were overjoyed to see the colourful group of women. Brindarica Bose, a member of ‘High Heels’ shares her story.

Q: How many years has Holi been celebrated by High Heels?

A: ‘High Heels’ has been in existence since 2011. Since 2015, the women from ‘High Heels’ have been celebrating Holi. Our first Holi celebration was on the terrace of ETH Zurich with talcum powder (because we didn’t manage to get ‘gulal’) and since last year we have been celebrating Holi at the Rathausbrücke, Zurich.

Q: What do you miss the most about Holi in the motherland?

A: Playing with ‘gulal’ and ‘abir’ (perfumed powder) with friends and family and the atmosphere of celebration!

Q: Any Holi rituals that are close to your heart?

A: Rangoli, playing with ‘gulal’, having lunch or dinner with family and friends.

Q: Any message to the readers on the occasion of this much-beloved festival?

A: India or in Switzerland, let the colours of joy and peace reach out everywhere and bring smiles to all faces.


Photos by Pallabi Roy-Chakraborty together with ‘High Heels’

About The Author

Shinta Simon

Shinta is a food blogger, occasional baker and compulsive chai-drinker. A former marketing professional, she moved from Bangalore to Switzerland a few years ago and is slowly yet steadily grüezi-ing her way into a new and intriguing culture. She shares her passion for food on her website, her baking adventures on her facebook page, ‘Sugar Rush’ and her life snippets on Instagram.

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