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Author: Aradhna Sethi

Driving in Switzerland

‘Settling in Switzerland’ is a string of informative articles that Namaste Switzerland posts regularly. Earlier, we shared tips on life and settling in Switzerland followed by different options for learning German. Renting in Switzerland was another well-received article. This time, Aradhna Sethi steers you into getting behind the wheel and driving in Switzerland. Public transport is best. But, it’s also true that driving your own car lends you a high degree of flexibility in your day-to-day life. However, getting a driving licence entails its own set of challenges – big and small. Yes, it is true that buying a...

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Meet the Ambassador of India, H.E. Mr. Sibi George

Representing what India stands for is not an easy task. It is a matter of immense responsibility and pride. Ambassador H.E. Sibi George tells Namaste Switzerland more. As of November 2017, Ambassador George took office in Bern as the new Ambassador of India to Switzerland. Like his predecessors, he is also the Indian Ambassador to Liechtenstein and The Holy See (Vatican). A brief background Ambassador George joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1993 and began his diplomatic career in Cairo, serving in the Mission as Political Officer. He then moved to the Indian Embassy in Doha and later...

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Annjali Shah – truly intercultural

With her origin, her homeland and her choice of expression, Annjali Shah exudes an aura of exoticism. Varied yet blended, her personality rounds up an international charm. Her grandfather, Shantilal Shah, hails from India (Gujarat). Her grandmother, Adelaïde Lanfranchi, is Italian and was a dancer with renowned Uday Shankar. Arvind Shah – her father – is naturally half-Indian and half-Italian. Clearly, love knows no boundaries, for he went on to marry Brigitte Shah, who is half-Swiss, half-Austrian. Her elder sisters: Devika (biologist doing research in cancer) and Chandrika (physiotherapist and pilates teacher) and she, herself, Annjali (dancer and kindergarten...

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Zuoz – Idyllic indeed!

Kilometres of crisp, pristine snowy slopes, bright blue skies and a golden sunshine. A blend of tradition and modern, Zuoz is all this and more. Winters and springtime see Zuoz clad in something akin to a pristine white flowing gown, decorated with silvery frozen streams. The fir trees seem to gracefully hold up weighty, yet soft and dainty snowflakes, as if bowing to the blue skies and golden sunshine, as low hanging crystals gleam and glitter off the branches. The ski tracks (pistes) are all set to welcome the winter guests. Whether you’re a learner or a black slope...

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The Architect of her Future – Ankita Thaker

Ankita Thaker, Founder and Principal Architect of Purple Peepal GmbH, talks about her entrepreneurial journey from India to Switzerland. “To be completely candid, a late night thought of being in a new city and the desire to study in a completely different school of design brought me to Switzerland in October 2010. This thought translated into applying for the Master of Advanced Studies in the field of Landscape Architecture at ETH in Zurich. I arrived here on a lovely autumn morning with a bag of clothes and some Indian food. Ever since, I have grown to admire this place...

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  • Matter-of-Fact of the week #45:

    Jacques Edwin Brandenberger

    Jacques Edwin Brandenberger was a Swiss chemist and textile engineer who in 1908 invented cellophane. Jacques saw a wine spill on a restaurant tablecloth and was inspired to create a cloth that would repel liquids instead of absorbing them. He created a film using cellulose that was transparent as well as water resistant. He sold the US rights to DuPont in 1923.

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