Heading into our seventh year of publication this March, we have decided to support specific causes close to our hearts.

Namaste Switzerland started with us and our experiences, positive and not-so-positive – and a dream to dare.

As women social entrepreneurs, we wanted to give a face to the trailing spouses… scientists, doctors, home-maker-turned-entrepreneurs, mompreneuers, career trailblazers and many more. We wanted to create a space and a place for those who made hobbies into careers and decided to forgo careers they were qualified for to create a future in a new sector. We wanted to highlight the first generation of Indians who moved here and also the secondos who were born and brought up here…

Through the years of our journey, we are proud to say we 4 social entrepreneurs and founders of Namaste Switzerland have to a great extent accomplished that goal.

Now, it was time to revisit our ‘Why’. And then, just like that, we thought of creating a space for those who make a direct difference to causes ailing our country of origin – India. It wasn’t too difficult to find out what our next steps would be.

So here we are, all set to support the NGOs that work with women and children in India – be it by way of education or nourishing food, by way of vocational training or self-defence. We are now aligned with NGOs that support good governance and social welfare.

Feel free to connect and reach out if you want your registered NGO or funding campaign to be featured by Namaste Switzerland.
And to all our readers – we request you to donate a bit of your time, effort or money to help alleviate hunger, poverty, and illiteracy within the different regions of India.

Small deeds can make a significant impact!

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