Meet Bina Shah, a talented artist, and sculptor living in the Zurich region of Switzerland,  in an exclusive video interview with Namaste Switzerland. She introduces us to her multicultural ancestry, her passion, her vision and her art.
Bina grew up in Iran with an Indian heritage. She moved to the United States in 1994 where she met a sculptor who suggested she work with clay. Her journey began with a basic pottery class where she got her hands dirty with clay for the first time, she has never looked back since.

Bina’s art has been showcased globally. Her most recent exhibition was at the the Zurich International Women’s Association along with other international members. The exhibitors showcased their regular work with one piece titled to the theme. “A Woman’s Accent.”

‘Blue On My Mind’, a solo exhibition was held in the Kunstraum Bellerive in Zurich, Switzerland in May 2016.Blue On My Mind’, brought together works in different media, including prints, paintings and sculptures, in a glorious celebration of emotion and life. Bina chose the colour blue because it is a universally pleasing colour. Bina says, “The color ‘Blue’, implies different meaning depending on individual cultural context. Turquoise blue may be calming for an Iranian Sufi but invoke a somber mood in a Chinese setting. Feeling blue in New York conveys a melancholy mood but in India it is associated with Lord Krishna, God of love and merrymaking! Blue is pleasing but not easy to duplicate accurately and it compliments my background of having lived in different parts of the world. “

Many of her sculptures are made by hand from slabs and coils using both primitive and modern firing techniques. Bina also paints in acrylics and encaustic paints.

Her message to everyone. She smiles and says, “Form friendships across age, religion and background. It is important for us to succeed and feel comfortable in our own skin.”

To learn more about Bina and her work go to her website and to connect with Bina like her Facebook page.

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