EvoKids – a bilingual preschool believes in creative challenges and learning through play in an international environment for preschool and early-primary children.

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At the Baden campus of EvoKids, children from the English Reading and Writing (Level 1) class walk out of their classrooms, smiles wide, and hands holding an octopus that they have individually cut out of paper and decorated. They walk up to their waiting parents, and animatedly describe how they made their crafts, explaining that ‘O’ stands for ‘Octopus’. A day at the EvoKids preschool is steeped in creative challenges and learning through play. The bilingual learning centre is ideal for families who seek an international environment for their preschool and early-primary children.

Photo of EvoKids Zurich Campus

EvoKids, founded by Eleftheria (Ellie) Alexiou, believes in providing a three-year curriculum that is challenging and is designed to maximize children’s individual skills and expand their range of knowledge. With campuses in Baden and Zurich, EvoKids was conceptualized to enrich what a pre-school can offer, investing in educators, alongside state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

A background of the founder

Photo of Miss Ellie AlexiouEllie who is originally from Athens, had always been keen on pursuing a career in education. She opted to do an MBA, which she completed with a distinction. Eventually, her management skills turned out to be very useful in her career as a teacher.

Her interest in education led her to London where, in 2008, she qualified as a teacher from the General Teaching Council for England and Wales. She taught at the primary school level for a year while training as a teacher in London. In 2009, she moved back to Athens for a year and taught kids below the age of 6 years at a private school. Thereafter, she moved to Zurich and started working at ‘Zurich International School’, where she taught for two years. Ellie is also a PhD student in the field of Evolutionary Developmental Psychology. In addition, she is qualified in providing first-aid to babies, children and adults.

In August 2012, she was able to transform her vision into a reality, when she started leading the Kinder Connection International School. And just about a year later, her dream came true as she has decided to take the biggest step in her career and lead her own preschools in Zurich and Baden.

Guiding philosophies and core values

Ellie’s knowledge of Evolutionary Developmental Psychology inspired her to build her own school with its own curriculum.

EvoKids combines different international teaching methods and utilizes the most effective components of each one.

While it’s true that children explore their environment through play, and learning these practical skills is vital at a young age; research also suggests that access to academic learning at this key developmental point in their lives that can truly help children to deepen their understanding of the world around them and learn through play.

The years from birth to age 8 are critical to the healthy, cognitive, emotional and physical growth of children. It is in this time that their interaction with the world around them really impacts their development, love of learning, and social skills.

In accordance with its commitment to excellence in education, EvoKids limits the number of children per teacher to ensure that every learner gets the attention they need and deserve.

The EvoKids philosophy is centred around their values:

  1. Each child’s personality is always respected and teaching methods are adapted to the child’s individual needs.
  2. EvoKids encourages the development of natural talents by focusing on areas of strength, instead of arbitrarily working on each skill for an equal set period of time.
  3. Keeping in mind that no two children are the same, EvoKids fosters close relationships with both parents and the children to build a course in line with their personal circumstances and goals.
  4. Through interacting with different religions, races, and cultures from an early age, kids can gain a deeper understanding of one another – along with an open mind and heart for people that see the world in a different way.\

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Testimonials that speak volumes

Ellie recalls parents of her students sharing their feedback. “My kids’ first school was EvoKids and they absolutely loved it. My daughter went to EvoKids for almost 4.5 years and she has a very strong foundation in English and Mathematics,” said the parents of two of Ellie’s past students.

“Miss Ellie is a very qualified and accomplished teacher. She provides a teaching and development environment with individual care and evolution plan for her students that will help them to establish themselves as confident learners in future,” say parents of another pupil.

Nicholas Godwin, a linguistic educational consultant and native English teacher, shares his views, “I’ve worked with Ellie and EvoKids for a number of years now as an advisor. I can honestly say that Ellie never ceases to amaze me. Her dedication to child educational development is impressive throughout, whether it’s in the classroom with her fantastically engaging exercises, in preparation for classes through materials and curricula, or in her own personal development.”

Our children are our future. By nurturing their talent, curiosity, and social skills, EvoKids’ mission is to encourage them to develop into well-rounded, caring young members of society, ready to take on any challenge they may find in the real world.

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Photos by: Ellie Alexiou

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