Aanya Sethi tells her mother how she kept boredom at bay and decorated her school bag with ‘happy fruits’ while mama had to work.

Creative kids are independent-thinking and free-minded to do what they love doing – make sweet somethings out of little nothings. So when Aradhna stopped tapping on the keys of her keyboard, she was surprised to see a ‘How I did it’ list (in German) that Aanya was handing to her, saying, “Here you go. You have a new kids craft for Namaste Switzerland.”

So – Aradhna is back to work – again – typing out Aanya’s first DIY article ever.

Materials needed

  • ‘Moosgummi’ or foam rubber sheet – white or black
  • Happy fruits stickers on a coloured print out that can be taken off the Internet
  • A pair of scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Two-second glue
  • Normal glue
  • Transparent nail polish




  1. Google and select a picture of fruits illustrations. Search for ‘cute fruits’ or ‘cute foods’. Put them in a word document, resize as per your requirement and take a print-out. Cut out these fruit illustrations.
    Happy fruits - step 1
  2. Using normal glue, space them out and stick them on to the ‘Moosgummi’ (foam rubber sheet)
  3. Once the glue is dry and the pictures are stuck, outline them with a pencil two centimetres away from the actual picture on all sides so that the foam rubber sheet is visible in the background behind the fruit cut-outs
  4. Now carefully cut the ‘Moosgummi’ into the right shapes and paint each cut-out over a few times with transparent nail polish.Happy fruits - step 2
  5. Once the nail polish is dry, turn over each of the shapes. Dab a little two-second glue on the fixed side of a safety-pin and stick it on the foam rubber part, holding still for 2-5 seconds. The opening of the pin should be facing out and not stuck on the sheet.Happy fruits - step 3
  6. Now pin your happy fruits on to your bag or rucksack and have more fun!Happy Fruits!

About the Author

Aanya Sethi is a bubbly and cheerful 11-year-old who loves to keep herself busy with various DIYs that she comes across via friends, family or social media channels. She is innovative and creative, and she loves to create exciting stuff!

Disclaimer: Opinions and methods expressed are solely of the writer. Namaste Switzerland does not undertake any obligation or liability which may arise from the content.