This Easter, get your feet painted and get started to create art that can be kept over years… as a decoration and then a memory to share with your children as they grow. Deepty Mundhra tells you how.

With the onset of March, the spirit of Spring and Easter spreads the hope all around. Although the weather gods have been a bit tricky this year, ‘März’ definitely marches on in full colour. So let’s get on and create wall canvases to add a dash of colour this Spring-Summer with ‘Footprint Easter Bunnies’.

Materials needed

Materials required

  • Canvas board (any size that fits in a footprint or two)
  • Acrylic colours (preferably pastel or your favourite palette)
  • Craft Buttons
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush (thick and thin ones)
  • Pipe cleaner or any ribbon for the bow





1) Paint the right foot of your child with the colour of your choice. Make sure not to use too much water or else it would spread and smudge.

Painted foot


2) Carefully place the foot on the canvas board and press it slightly for a proper print.

Footprint on Canvas


3) With a thick brush carefully paint and highlight the outline of the footprint to make it more visible. Let it dry.

Painting footprints


4) Place buttons at desired spaces and make flowers and stems (you can do it with the child’s thumbprint, too; or with a Q-tip).

Painting the canvas


Painting the canvas


5) Make the eyes using a thin brush. For a 3D-effect, use the craft googly eyes. Draw and highlight the bunny teeth.

Completed easter craft


(My older son wanted to do the whole painting himself, so he made the eyes and the teeth and it all got a bit mixed up. But then, that’s the essence of doing art with your child and let him be creative and have fun! Your painting will make a piece of art, and the memories attached will always bring joy to your face – even years down the line. And a memory needn’t always be perfect! )

Hope you enjoyed it!


You can also buy a bigger canvas and make footprints of each one from the family and write their names. Hang it at the main door entrance or in your living room to brighten up the walls and feel the joys of growing up together.

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