IAGZ organised their annual ‘Diwali ki Daawat’ at Schützenhaus Albisgütli on November 24, 2018. The event was a success – and Namaste Switzerland was there to witness it all!

There it was – the much-anticipated ‘Diwali ki Daawat’. Families dressed in gorgeous and fashionable Indian wear walked in and exchanged pleasantries before finding their tables. It was a sit-down dinner – with starters that were served and a dinner buffet provided by Namaste Oerlikon-Indische Restaurant.

The venue and the tables glittered and glowed with elegant décor created and conceptualised by Feroza Simeon, Rakhee Suvarna-Lehmann, Geeta Anand, Bhavna Rakhal Dave, Bella Bhatia Asar, and Stuti Aga.

The acoustics were controlled by Effekte GmbH, as the Masters of the ceremony and past IAGZ presidents, Monita Singh and Pinal Asher took the stage to open the event.

This was followed by enthralling performances by Manish Vyas & Band. Their melodies were soft and captivating. Anvita Pandey and Ashima Pyngottu were graceful in their dance performances and the youngest talented performer Riti Dutta was both confident and charming.

No Indian gala is complete without the beats of Bollywood. These were well chosen by DJ Rahul Jain, who set the stage for the entire audience to join in and groove to the music.

The sponsors of this year’s final event included: Aggarwal AG, McGee’s Irish Pub & McGee’s corporate courier service and Delhi House of best curry.

Namaste Switzerland supported the IAGZ once again as media partners for their final event of 2018. Here are some photos from the event.

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