Enjoy the season of Spring with delicious and delightful mini Idlis that have a splash of colour.

Everyone enjoys colours in life – whether it’s Holi or Easter or a birthday party – or just a family meal. Add a spectrum of colour to healthy, easy-to-make Idlis. All you need is ‘Idli’ batter – (a fermented mix of rice and lentils) and a few colours made with fruits and vegetables!

Ingredients: Colorful Idli Recipe

  • Dosa/Idli batter (for a well-fermented dosa/idli batter – soak 4 cups rice with 1 cup white lentils and a spoonful of fenugreek seeds for 6 to 8 hours. Grind it into a fine batter (cake consistency) add salt and let it rest for a few more hours and ferment. Mix well and it’s ready to use to make idlis or rice cakes.
  • Sesame oil
  • Idli or silicon moulds to steam the idlis. I have used button idli and mini idli stands
  • A steamer or a cooker
  • Natural food colours made at home by blending:
      • Beetroot – for pink
      • Blueberries with a pinch of baking soda – for purple
      • Tomato with a spoonful of fresh pomegranate seeds – for red
      • Carrot – for orange
      • Yellow bell pepper with a dash of fresh turmeric – for yellow
      • Mint and coriander – for green.

You could use any vegetable of your choice depending on the colours you like. Using natural food colours results in pastel shades compared to store bought food colours. Natural homemade colours aren’t strong – but they certainly are healthy and beautiful!



Colorful Idli Recipe

  1. Prepare the required colours for your idlis. I have used six colours. (Tip: do not add any water to the fruit or vegetable that you blend. The idea is to create colour purees and not juice!)
  2. Divide the required amount of batter in six different cups and add a few spoons of the colours into each cup. Remember to still maintain the cake consistency.
  3. Grease your idli mould with some sesame oil (you could use any other oil too. I use sesame oil as it gives a nice flavour to idlis).
  4. Pour the colourful batter into the greased mould and steam cook.
  5. Serve it with your favourite chutney or pesto.

Do you have a similar colourful recipe to ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Colorful Idli Recipe

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