Quilling is an art of rolling paper strips and creating different shapes. Use your imagination to make decorations for greeting cards, envelopes, wall hangings and even some exciting, contemporary jewellery – paper jhumkas and ear studs.

There’s a technique to create beautiful decorations with a coloured paper by simply going on a roll! Here’s how:


Photo of materials required for quilling

  1. Colourful quilling strips
  2. Elmer adhesive
  3. Quilling tool
  4. An envelope

These are all available at local craft/hardware shops.



All you need to do is, take your selection of strips and use your quilling tool to simply roll these strips into some basic shapes (shown in the below pic. There are many other techniques like fringing, husking, etc. You get method-specific tools that help you to make the same sized petals.

Photo of different shapes achieved by quilling

PC: Google images


Here is a short video which explains how to roll the paper strips

Let’s check out the flowers

Photo of flowers made by quilling for greeting card

Once your shapes are ready, simply assemble them and glue them on the envelope.

Here’s your final product: a beautifully decorated envelope for any occasion!

Photo of finished card made by quilling

Start quilling and create your own card collection.

Photo of a collection of greeting cards made by quilling

Some artistic products that I have made include:


Photo of jewellery made by quilling

Christmas tree ornaments

Photo of Christmas tree ornaments made by quilling

Do you have quilling ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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