Abhigyan Bhattacharya, 8 years

Abhigyan Bhattacharya lives in Zurich and likes to draw and play the guitar. His favourite hobby is reading. He loves ‘Toy Story’ movies. Here’s his short story on a Toy Story themed Diwali.

Once upon a time there lived 10 toys. It was one day before Diwali and the toys were planning something.

“Tomorrow is Diwali, what should we do?”

Tophat said, “We should decorate the room. Anyone else?”

They all agreed to decorate the room. They set to work.

Tophat and Mr. Cowboy lit the ‘diyas’. The other toys, like Curlydog, were making the decorations. They did not disturb each other.

Everyone finished on time.

The next morning, they brought some food for the party. In the afternoon, they started the party. They had chips, drinks and pizza.

At the party, they danced and they sang. They even played on a PS4!

After a while, they painted ‘rangolis’ which were bright and colourful.

They grew tired in the evening so they went to bed.

The toys lived happily ever after.

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