Nupur Biswas, a professionally certified yoga coach and the founder of Mumbai-based NuYoga, collaborates with Namaste Switzerland as an online yoga instructor. Each month, Nupur teaches yoga through her videos, starting with the beginner level series.

In her eighth video, Nupur Biswas shows us a popular, easy and effective posture called Veerbhadrasana-1, or the ‘Warrior Pose’

Practicing ‘Veerbhadrasana-1’

Step 1 – Stand with your feet together. Squeeze your hips in and place your palm on your waist.

Step 2 – Now get your right leg forward, at least three and a half to four feet.

Step 3 – Now gently roll your knee and bring your thigh parallel to the floor. Ensure that your knee is in line with the ankle.

Step 4 – At this point your left leg should be absolutely straight and stretched out. With your body facing the front, stretch your arms apart and lift them up.

Step 5 – Lengthen your arms towards the ceiling and gently bend backwards, looking up. If you feel any strain in your neck, relax and look down and try it again. Hold the posture for 30 to 40 seconds and keep breathing normally.

Step 6 – Now release your arms, relax your right leg and bring your left leg forward.

Step 7 – Repeat the above six steps with right leg behind and left leg forward.

Benefits of this pose

Nupur explains that this ‘asana’ is a highly effective posture that not only strengthens one’s legs, lower back muscles and arms, but also increases stamina.

Practicing this yoga is great for those in desk-based and sedentary jobs as it makes the back muscles really strong and it also helps increase metabolism.

Click on the video to practice Veerbhadrasana-1 and include it in your daily routine.

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