Deepty Mundhra uses some basic and readily available materials to create a pretty and practical and multifunctional holder.

Materials Required

Photo of materials required to make upcycled twine holder

  • A waste plastic container (Other options could be a tin, can, disposable plastic drinking cup, to name a few)
  • Twine roll ( thick or thin )
  • Strong glue
  • A square piece of paper ( I have used post-it notes )
  • Scissors
  • Button or any other material that can be used to decorate the final product


Step 1: Apply glue starting from the top and start turning the twine down the shape of the container.

Step 1 of making upcycled twine holder


Make sure you twine it tight so that there are no gaps in between each swirl.

Step 2 of making upcycled twine holder


Step 2: Close this the ends of the base of the container and glue it really well. This was a bit tricky due to the shape I chose for my container.

Step 2 of making upcycled twine holder


Step 3: Make a pinwheel as shown in the picture or any origami work or a flower or simply let your child stick any stencil cutouts or zircon colourful stones. This is to highlight one area of the holder. You could also choose to do it all over and around – depending on your style and materials used.

Step 3 of making upcycled twine holder


Choose colourful paper for the pinwheel if you wish to and place a button, pearl, or any decorative object as a highlight.

Step 4 of making upcycled twine holder


Step 4: Place the pinwheel at the centre of the holder and glue it well in the middle.

Step 5 of making upcycled twine holder

Step 5: Place a crepe paper or kite paper or a simple magazine crumbled paper to make it look more attractive. Insert coloured pencils and make your study table mode attractive.

Multiple uses of the holder include:

  • Stationary holder to place your pens, pencils and more
  • Cutlery holder for spoons and forks, or even straws
  • Cookie jar filled up with homemade or readymade cookies
  • Gift box with a paper lid
  • A vase filled with pebbles or sand or even water to stabilise your cut flowers or a miniature bamboo plant

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