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Holiday Reads

It’s been a rather unpredictable time in the history of our lifetimes. Who would’ve thought that with all the medical advancement, conscientiousness and awareness of our surroundings and more, we would live to see a global pandemic unfold and change lives and lifestyles from what they have been known to be all these years!

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Towards sunnier days

Here’s to a summer that looks hopeful and sunnier than the last one! There is reason to feel hopeful – the rate of vaccinations has been steadily picking up in Switzerland – as our June issue goes online, more than 22% of Swiss residents have been fully vaccinated, restaurants and events are slowly opening up to the public and there is optimism in the air. We hope you feel the same….we wish all our readers sunnier days ahead and safe and joyful summer 2021!

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Empower, inspire and heal

As seasons changed, we all hoped that the pandemic situation would change, too. We had hoped that it would disappear as quickly as it appeared. That COVID-19 would be a thing of the past. But now, that hope budding in some corner of every heart seems like a distant ‘false alarm’. With the new wave, a new mutant thriving currently in India, no person of Indian origin seems to have remained truly untouched by the virus – whether it’s our friends, the parents of friends, our relatives or someone once known to us as an acquaintance… News of being afflicted and surrounded by sadness has unfortunately taken a toll on almost everyone in some way or the other.

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