‘Namaste Switzerland’ showcases some of the exquisite works of ‘Sutradhaar’- an organisation founded by Sunanda Sastry, who believes in bonding the storyteller and her audience by way of fabric.

Sunanda Sastry

“Sutradhaar was born out of the belief rooted in classics that the artist, the weaver and the wearer are all distinct yet essential variables. When brought together in a unique combination of textures, patterns, and ideas, the art forms emerge as a composite and versatile piece,” states Sunanda Sastry – an elegant persona with charm and a passion towards her three-year-old business.

A qualified architect, Sunanda used to design residential interior spaces in Mumbai. But, architecture, she believed, was simply an extension of creativity. That creativity to bind, bond and blend could manifest in many areas. It was after all design.  “As an architect,  you naturally are exposed to the world of form, space, colour, texture etc. Hence, striking a balance between sustainable art in the form of woven organic fabrics or wearable accessories seemed a natural transition” says Sunanda. And in 2014, she set up ‘Sutradhaar’.

“Sutradhaar blends material and craft to create exquisite designs, drawing inspiration from nature where randomness and asymmetry give rise to balance and beauty that weave through everything around us,” she explains.

Bags and clutches by Sutradhaar
Style by Suthradhaar
Exhibition at Sutradhaar
Exhibition at Sutradhaar
Jewelry by Sutradhaar
Sunanda at Sutradhaar
Personally, Sunanda was never the high street fashion connoisseur and always believed in ‘slow fashion’ which is now garnering a lot of momentum, worldwide. Working with weavers or self-help groups that could translate design ideas and connect a circle of like-minded people who appreciated  all things handmade was her intent.  This ideology further lead to the active participation of ‘Sutradhaar’ in various exhibitions.

A personal decision to move with her husband and children to Zurich brought a bit of a creative pause to her fast-paced life back in India.

But not for long! My Initial thoughts about Zurich comprised blacks, blues, and greys donned by the corporate world.  But there is also a not-so-oft taken road that leads towards committed individuals and groups who are passionate towards sustainable art and fair trade.”

“I see ‘Sutradhaar’ resurrecting, despite the language and small network barriers that face me. Just as its name ‘Sutradhaar’ suggests, this is the thread of contact between the storyteller and the audience, waiting for its story to unfold…”

‘Namaste Switzerland’ showcases some of the exquisite works of ‘Sutradhaar’.

Photos by Sunanda Sastry

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