Our contributor, Amrita Vijay Kumar shares her moving Mother’s Day tribute

Kanyadaan: That emotional moment (in a traditional Indian wedding) when parents give their beloved daughter into the care of another man, her husband, for a lifetime.

You had raised me to be independent. You had egged me on to learn new languages. When I decided to not apply to a prestigious B-school, thinking there is no chance of making it, you got me the form and guided my preparation. When I needed confidence in my first job, you were my best source!

Thoughts of living away from you and that I will no longer be just your daughter, leading a carefree life filled with your love and protection, had caused such mixed feelings on my wedding day!!! But contrary to my fears, that day brought us closer in so many ways. Since that day we stayed in each other’s thoughts. Thanks to you, I eventually saw this as an opportunity to bring “in” new relationships and attempt to be more inclusive. It was not about losing you, but gaining others! It was about looking beyond oneself…


In your strength, I find my courage

In your words – wisdom to guide my path

In your thoughts, I find only goodness

In your actions – my inspiration

In your smile I find comfort

Your support always renders hope

In your presence, I find joy

And when I witness your playfulness, I see life!
For all the resilience you show when the chips are down, for the unconditional love and devotion, quirky but cool habits, for the interesting advice and for believing in and supporting our dreams… Thank you, ma. Love you and have always wanted to be like you!

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