This Mother’s Day, our readers share their experiences from their individual incredible motherhood journeys!

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Damneet Kaur

Photo of Damneet Kaur

It is not possible to describe motherhood in words but if I must, I would say it is beyond what you can ever imagine, yet fulfilling in every possible way. Each time you overcome a parenting challenge and start celebrating, you discover there is another challenge looking right at you! It is a learning curve, sometimes smooth and sometimes sharp but every time full of love.

When I am caught in a difficult parenting situation I always think what would my mom do? And that is the ultimate guide to my parenting and nurturing skills, so thank you, mom, for helping me be a better mom myself every single day.

Divya Hegde

Photo of Divya HegdeBefore I got the title of a mother, I read a lot, observed mothers handling their children and much more. Once I held my baby, I realized “None of the lessons helped” Each moment is a “full toss” thrown at you and you have to take the shot. You have no choice. And somehow … we all did well. Motherhood changed me totally. I got to know so many things that I thought were never important. When my child was between 0-2 years, I knew every shop that had a diaper changing station in a 1 km radius of all the places we frequently visited, and we eventually went around places that had a diaper changing station. It became important to have my bag filled with bottles and diapers than a comb and lipsticks.

When he became 3, I knew of all the places that had a toilet in a 1 km radius. Earlier I would know of all the coffee shops. When he became 4, I knew of all the stands/corridors that I had to avoid in any supermarket, to avoid tantrums that would arise. When earlier I myself would spend time with the lipstick and perfume stands.  When he turned 5, I discovered newer places to hide Goodies and chocolates in my own house. In the past, I never understood the need to hide anything in my own house.

“Each day has been a beautiful discovery… a discovery about myself, inspite of knowing myself for all these years. And my child has been helping me discover… myself. Anmol makes smile through tears, Anmol makes me stand up stronger, Anmol reassures me that he will love me no matter what… Anmol makes me Complete.”

Hima Bindu

Photo of Hima BinduMotherhood to me is a roller coaster ride filled with love, protectiveness, care, worry hope, joy and pride all in different proportions. As a mom, I want the best for my children, but it is a constant battle to remind myself to let them evolve at their own pace and time. I strive to raise socially and environmentally aware boys who can see and feel for the needy and reach out. to them. With my older son, I bond over books for I see myself in him when he sits in the middle of a party or on a tram immersed in the world of books. Last summer we read the book called ‘Wonder’ together and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. With my younger son, it is all about activities, like rolling rotis together or walk in the woods or play catch.


Karishma Duggal

Photo of Karishma Duggal“A mother is your first friend, your best friend and a friend forever”

I definitely think this quote defines my relationship with my mother and let me add that a mother is also free of charge therapist.  My mother has always been very open with me, has taught me everything (well almost, the good girl part). She has seen the worst side of me, be it in sickness, posts an accident on a hospital bed cringing with pain, post a heartbreak, during a professional struggle and during postpartum (oh! the worst). She still loves me unconditionally and brings out the best in me and when I look into her eyes, I can see the love and pride always. Motherhood to me is my most favourite role so far in life. I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a mother.

It takes a lot of patience to put up with tantrums, food spills, diaper leaks and a very messy house. But, I would not change a single day of this beautiful journey or do anything differently. My daughter is 2 years old and I hope she sees me as I see my mother, as a best friend who loves her unconditionally and is free of charge therapist.

On this mother’s day, I wish we celebrate the best role we have been blessed with – the role of a mother! Happy mother’s day!

Vantika Singh

Vantika SinghI am a proud Mother of my cuddly 3-year-old son ‘Advay’. He has changed our lives for the better in so many wonderful ways. My most magical moment was during my holidays in India when my baby boy took his first few steps and ran around the dining table squealing with joy!

His transition from a baby to a toddler came quite late and left me stressed and anxious. My message to all the Mothers who are presently in the same situation is to have faith in yourself and your child. Your precious little one will give you the immense joy of reaching his/her milestone when he/she is ready. Enjoy the present, offer your unconditional support and witness the small miracles that your child has to offer. Most importantly, I have learnt to be a Mother –  a more patient, responsible and a giving parent. Happy Mother’s Day !!


Illustration by Sharanya Mageshwaran.
Photos by contributors.

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