Summer’s here! It’s time to pack in your jackets and go light and lovely. Check out our contributor, Pragati Siddhanti’s recommendations of easy fashion and pure elegance.

I have to admit; I’m overworked but happier. I missed the sun, I missed the brightness, and I was tired of gloom. Feeling more cheerful and brighter, I’m pulling out all outfits that were out of sight (but not out of mind). In this post, I talk about two such summer outfits: the perfect one that can suit all body types and works on almost all occasions.

Outfit #1: The Perfect Summer Outfit – An off-shoulder Bardot top and white trousers

Summer Fashion 1

Location: Basel, Switzerland

With the temperatures over 20 degrees, it’s time to ditch the jacket and bare my shoulders. A hit from last year, off-shoulder tops are completely on-trend. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with an off-shoulder. I like how versatile off-shoulders can be.

Having said that, I want to be comfortable in what I wear. For me, comfort is always the biggest factor. If I am not comfortable, I am not wearing it (no matter how dapper it looks on that hanger). Since I don’t want to bare too much, the Bardot trend, which accentuates the collarbones is perfect for me. I recommend this off-shoulder top with minimum flare. It’s also elasticated, which means I can adjust it according to my liking. Team it with white trousers –  a wardrobe essential for sunny days.

White pants remain a hot trend. As much as I love my whites, I’m very particular about their length and fit. If you’re wearing tapering pants, they should end just above the ankle. And they should fit properly from the waist. A buy from last year, my trousers in this picture are from Mast&Harbor ( and come with a subtle embroidery in white itself. The pattern on the bottom, adds a lot of character to the outfit.

How to Style the Perfect Summer Outfit

This depends on your personal style as well as where you’re going. Since I like to keep things very comfortable, I pair my outfit with brogues. I usually try to keep shoes and bag to similar tones.

Another way you could style these is to wear neon pink heels to really bring out the blush tones in the top. You could also try color blocking if you’re looking to make a style statement.

For this feature, I teamed my whole outfit up with my favorite accessories – the Michael Kors watch in rose gold and my engagement ring! Outfit Details: The pink off shoulders is from a store called “Cover Story” and the pants are from my favorite online store on Myntra – “Mast and Harbour”. For folks in Switzerland, you can get very similar outfits in H&MNew Yorker and Orsay. Thanks for reading!

Outfit # 2 Keep it Casual: A dress that can never go wrong

Summer Fashion 2

Location: New Delhi, India

For the weather in Delhi, or might I say the scorching heat of 43 degrees, this is a perfect day outfit.

Fit: Perfect for my body shape, the elastic belt in the midsection adds shape to an otherwise straight shirt dress.

Styling: I colour coordinate this outfit with my comfy light blue converse shoes and my signature accessories. The watch is from Michael Kors, Polaroid aviators and a string neck statement from H&M. The styling is again simple, but evident.

Outfit Details: Shopped from H&M, this dress is available at a store near you.

Basel-based Pragati is an avid writer, blogger and the co-founder of Be for Beauty. She is also pursuing a Master’s Degree from Switzerland and is an IT manager by profession. When not working, Pragati is busy being a mom to her lovely 6-year-old daughter. Read all about her journey on You could follow her on Instagram and on Facebook as well.

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