We launched ‘Namaste Switzerland on March 8, 2017, with our first issue ‘Colour me bright’. We were enthusiastic and scared; nervous yet confident at the same time. It was our time to showcase what we had envisioned – and it was our time to be judged by our readers. The team was proud to receive positive feedback and encouragement.

Summer hailed our second issue ‘Sunshine in my Pocket’. The holiday season was here. We assumed many of our readers may be away resulting in a slump of sorts. A surprise lay in store for us when we realised that the number of visits to our website and the range of articles had increased!

Today, with ‘Hues of Gold’, we mark our 6-month presence.

We now have our regular writers and guest writers flaunting the maturing hues of our article assortments and writing styles – just as Autumn sets in to flaunt colours ranging from deep reds, rusts and bright gold.

Thank you all for being with us and supporting us through our enthusiastic journey of discovering so much more and bringing it all to you on ‘Namaste Switzerland.’

Check out this latest issue for more – and stay tuned to ‘Namaste Switzerland’s’ weekly updates!

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