Bring out the artist in you – good, bad or ugly – this Halloween.
Halloween is just around the corner. There’s much to do: Pumpkin carving, setting up that eerie Autumn look about your house to attract the little ones who come along with their “trick-or-treat” shouts and bags for their exciting loot to be collected. Costumes? Well, if you haven’t had the time to get or make one, here’s a  quick self-made costume that comes to your rescue and adds that special smile to your child this Halloween. In fact, you can do it along with your child!


An old bed sheet or tablecloth (ghostly whites to floral prints and fluorescents colours. There are no rules in the world of imagination!)
A pair of scissors
Black marker or paint
Red marker or an old lipstick
Time needed: 5-15 minutes (depending on how creative you want to get!)


1. Place the bed sheet or tablecloth over your child’s head and adjust the length all around him or her so that your child does not trip while walking for those yummy goodies! Snip and cut the cloth if you have to. Give it ridged or zig-zagged edges or just leave it as is.



2. Mark out where the eyes of your child are so that when you cut the holes – they are just in the right place for your child to be able to see through.

halloween 1     halloween 2

3. Now cut out holes for the eyes.

halloween 3

4. Bring out your black marker (my daughter wanted purple) and line the holes. Your little ghost could have long curly lashes or evil furrowed eyebrows. Or a bit of both!

halloween 5
5. With the red, create the mouth: upturned into a friendly smile, or an evil smirk. Or make the mouth black and use the red to paint on drops of blood on your terrifying little monster.

halloween 7

Some of the options provided here.

Halloween Faces


If your child is over 7, let him or her decide and create their own unique ghostly look – monstrous or fairy-like, evil or angelic. Go with the flow and watch that creativity ‘boo’ your imagination out on this ghostly idea. Happy Halloween! For more ideas, have a look at what some of our Namaste Switzerland team members have designed.


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