Visit the Zurich Christmas Markets through the camera lens of Banu Balaji, our contributor.


Zurich 12

Colourful handmade lights for sale at a stall


Zurich 11

Handmade Candles for sale


Zurich 10

Kids corner… maybe for adults too


Zurich 9

Our Indian Vegetarian delicacy stall


Zurich 8

Little kids on the Singing Christmas Tree


Zurich 7

Lucy lights decorating Zürich Bahnhofstrasse


Zurich 6

The entrance to the Christmas Market Singing Christmas Tree


Zurich 5

The famous Swarovski Tree inside the Main Station Zürich


Zurich 3

Zurich Main Station as a backdrop with Lucy light decoration


Zurich 2

View of the Christkindli Market inside the Main Station from the viewing platform


Zurich 1

Variety display of light designs for candle lights or LED’s on sale at a shop in the Christmas Market

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