Bring out the artist in you by approaching art with a practical – almost mathematical twist. Smita Swamy shares a stepwise guide.

‘Mandala’ means circle in Sanskrit. It’s a symbol that denotes spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism – and it is a word that represents the universe.

The art form of ‘Mandala’ is like ‘Rangoli’ – or like any other drawing that gives you satisfaction and happiness. The symmetrical designs and the combination of colours bring a visual treat, which, to me, is no less that meditation. It de-stresses the mind.

Simply defined, Mandalas are usually symmetrical designs formed inside a circle.

Today, Smita shares a  tutorial with our readers,  in which you will learn how to draw a ‘Mandala’ in the comfort of your home – with a simple set of materials that you can get an any stationary or craft shop.


You will need

  • A compass
  • A pencil
  • A marker
  • An eraser
  • Stencil with circles of different diameters
  • A protractor (angle marker)

Steps to create a ‘Mandala’


Step 1: Draw concentric circles of any measurement and divide them into small sections using a protractor as shown below.

Mandala Step 2


Step 2: Plan a design of your choice. Select a smaller and similar type of designs. Examples show below:

Example 1


Step 3: Using a sharpie marker of any type or point ink pen, draw the designs. I usually use Micro pens which have jet black archival ink. It is also waterproof.

Mandala Step 3


Finished product

Completed Mandala



Please watch the video for a detailed tutorial.

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