The sun is out, the skies are blue, the birds are chirping merrily! The outdoors beckon with lush green walkways, gushing streams, cool and calm lakes and a fragrant breeze that can’t go unnoticed. Switzerland has donned the sunny shades of vibrancy. It’s time to be out and about!

Check out what model-actress-lawyer Aditi Govitrikar says about her favourite holiday destination. World-renowned Carnatic vocalist Mahesh Vinayakram adds a touch of melody for our readers giving Carnatic music a futuristic tone.

Swiss resident Ity Tiwari talks of the beautiful lifestyle she has created around her in her numerous roles that include being a part-time Zurich city tour guide – where she combines work and pleasure of enjoying the sunny outdoors. In our ‘My Story’ – Divya Hegde, an architect with her own firm the KrimsonTree, in Bangalore tells us how she manages it all from Zurich.

Browse through Swiss summertime captured by Tijo as you cool down a little with homemade Strawberry popsicles – an easy recipe that leaves you wanting to make more!

For those looking for a weekend break before the school vacation starts – Rimini should be your choice this summer. And once the holidays start, we offer practical tips for your getaway to the multi-faceted and incredible land – India.

And just before it’s back to school again – read the book review on ‘Going Local – your guide to Swiss schooling’. Whether your child is going to school for the first time or is in his/her in-between-years, you’re sure to find new insights to help your child to navigate the school system and explore options!

As part of our settling in Switzerland series, we share a string of informative articles in every issue. How do you integrate in terms of language learning when living in the German-speaking part of Switzerland? Our readers, share specific tips on what it takes to appear for a B Eins (B1) pruefung!

In our language corner, we share with you phrases on how to ask for directions in Switzerland’s official languages

We wish you a pleasant and fun-filled summer!

Digital illustration by Manasa Mukka.

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