Summer is here. And so is the time to bring the colour and warmth in and around your home.

Mix different techniques with easily available resources and dress up your summer tables or even your entryway.

Materials required

  • Canvas board of the desired size
  • Twine ball
  • An empty jam jar or plastic bottle (I have used an empty jam jar. If using a plastic bottle, make sure you remove the labels and paint on a colour of your choice.)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue gun to stick the jar
  • A fork for technique
  • Masking tape to create an abstract design on canvas
  • You could use tape to hang up the jars as well


Step 1: Glue the twine around the top neck of the jar. Or, twine up the bottom for more a more vintage effect.

Summer Craft - Step 1


Step 2: Use masking tape to make a desired design on the canvas. Make sure to use the tape until the back of the canvas and secure it.

Summer Craft - Step 2


Step 3: Let your kids paint the canvas. You or your older child can immediately run a fork dipped in another colour to create different effects. This is called the combing effect. Use pastel shades or any other colours of your choice. Dab paint on your little one’s fingers to create polka dots or use Q-tips.

Summer Craft - Step 3


Step 4: Gently remove the masking tape once the paint is dry. Do not hurry else the paint might smudge.

Summer Craft - Step 4


Step 5: Stick the jam jar with the help of the glue gun and let it dry overnight for best results.

Summer Craft


Mark up with your initials or words like Home, Love, Peace or any small design or symbol of your choice.

Add fresh flowers to pep up your home and your doorway.

Enjoy the craft, and have fun experimenting with it. It also makes for a great gift. A personal touch to a gift goes a long way!


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